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  1. Unable to use low graphics resolution

    Ok, but is there at least a way so I could play my files ?
  2. Hi guys, I noticed something weird since a couple days, I don't know is it's a known issue. Whenever I try to use the low graphics the game act as if I did, but when i go back to the menu nothing has changed And because of this I'm totally unable to use my saved games. It takes 10 min to load and freeze when i get to my colony and the game stops and I'm back on my desktop. I noticed this started to happen since the last update a couple days ago
  3. Steel disapeared

    Thank you, sorry about that
  4. Steel disapeared

    Okay.... Big mea culpa here, you were right on the first message, I absolutely didnt knew you could make airflow tile with steel, it was on the border of the map sorry ^^' Thanks for the answer, yes the ladder thing happenned to me once or twice, but I haven't thought of it ^^
  5. Steel disapeared

    No I verified, I didnt build anything (it's written in the post) At day 124 I had the steel and at day 126 I didnt (And nothing was built during that time, no wire no nothing)
  6. Steel disapeared

    Hi, I was playing today and I made some steel, but I noticed at some point at all the steel disapeared. I tried to look if it wasnt me who made a wire with it or something like that but no, it just disapeared, it's not even on the usual storage chest I didnt had a lot but it's really annoying cause the lime is rare If someone can help me on this.... Thanks ^^ Ps : There's no output log in my files so I'm unable to put em here The Diseased System.sav