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  1. I'm playing my first year on Shipwrecked, the world was generated without mods and made compatible with Hamlet. For some weird reason, a very old bug resurfaced where the puddles keep spawning every dusk/night time every day after monsoon, they disappear the next day and spawn between dusk/night time every time. This is annoying, but if there's a console command to fix this, please tell me. I know this game doesn't get updates for a while now but really, this DLC is older than Hamlet, why those bugs still exist?!
  2. Now, I know it's possible you guys don't see this bug report here, but just after this update I was playing for a while, created my sprinkler, got some nettle and put in a good place without monsters, got back to my home, made some meatballs and in the second the next day started (Day 137) the game just dropped fps from 30 to 5. Roc did spawn again, I let him eat me and take me away and the fps continued at 5, entered on the cavern next to it's next and the fps still low. Checked my 300 days on shipwrecked and, 60fps ingame. I can't take a print because there's no error just a massive fps drop that happened in the exact same time the next day started, I'm using no mods and I created my map without mods to be sure. The only thing I think it broke my fps was the Roc spawning, probably. Which is sad, but okay I think, I'll be testing from time to time to see if the fps goes back to 30 again, but after loading the shipwreck save I'm sure the problem is something about roc spawning and this last update. If you guys need any information or even a print screen of the game I can take but I don't know if it will help. Also, if Don't starve generate a log of stuff I can put it here, just tell me how. Thanks for your time guys.
  3. Okay, I was playing SW, and I wanted to link it with another world. I came to seaworthy and created a new ROG world. Now, I can't use the Pitchfork withouth a error message, at least not in the ROG world. When I create a new world at SW, I can use one, but at the ROG I can't!. And, if I disable the DLC of SW, then I can use the Pitchfork in a new world of ROG. But only with the SW disabled!!! I deleted all my saves, and even now I Can't use the Pitchfork at the ROG, only at SW. The error message is bellow. Please fix this. I can't link worlds now because I can't use the Pitchfork at ROG, and I NEED COFFEE. Anyway, thanks for reading this, and Sorry about my lack of english. Ps: I think the problem is the SW, not only because I have to deactivate the DLC to use Pitchfork in a ROG world, but also, because of this 'flooding' message. And I think that is because of the compatibility of the worlds, but only came to this after I linked the worlds and tried to use te Pitchfork.