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  1. They usually take a break for summer to brainstorm ideas & come back in fall with a new beta maybe...
  2. Skin Rarity Drop Rate

    It's been months since I got a good drop
  3. They usually take a break for summer & come back to work on it around September.
  4. I decided to start another random topic cuz why not How did everyone start playing DS/DST? Did you get the game for free or did you stumble upon it? My friend introduced me into Don't Starve & I became addicted ever since. After 20 hours of playing DS I ditched it for DST beta & I never looked back to the single version. I couldn't survive by myself so I relied on other people lol
  5. Random Topic Starter

    I must apologize for not making my topic starter clear. I understand the dislike towards anime/furry character & mods that make the game way too easy. Although there is some great modded characters that fit the DST art style & are balanced in some way. My question was geared more towards why people just hate all mods in general. Like the server could have 1 mod & people will just be like "nope not playing on that server." For veteran players, isn't it fun to mix it up with mods that bring a new experience & challenges? Examples:
  6. Why do some people utterly despise modded servers? I've seen people completely dismiss modded servers. I understand that a lot of people like vanilla servers but why dismiss something without giving them a chance?
  7. Actually no griefers like ruining nice big bases. If you're base is crappy then they will feel bad for you & not waste their time burning low appealing bases. Portal bases will always be burnt though.
  8. Drop chance is really low from presents but you can buy them at the community market.
  9. I want to see new mobs, new biomes, new seasons, new challenges & more character skins
  10. Tanking is fine. Recruiting is fine. Using tentacles is fine. Walls are fine. IceFlingos are fine Tbh these ^ aren't even cheesing. I think they're strategically smart. If the boss can't even fight back or become completely useless by some dumb bug then it's cheesing. Boss fights are suppose to be fun & challenging-ish. I don't get why people get so triggered over this xD But I'm sure Klei will do something about this in the future. I'll just be patient because I'm sure they're excited to release the new awesome content they're planning.
  11. It's not just the cheese trick that's boring, the fight itself is boring. I don't mind cheese trick if they're creative but come on the giant literally CAN'T DO ANYTHING. Where's the fun in that? Not much of a fight for a rare giant hidden well from players.
  12. The only cheese trick that should be fixed is the "Ancient Guardian." The giant literally can't do anything & it's 100% boring. Every other boss is fine. Although some could use a more fun fighting mechanic. Goose Goose's disarm attack could be changed into something better. Maybe have some aoe mini tornado attack mechanic like the tornado staff. (basically firing tornadoes at you) Ancient Guardian could have a mechanic where he jumps up & down creating earthquakes causing debris to fall from the ceiling. But those are just my ideas
  13. Ancient Guardian Cheese Trick

    True. He needs a more strategic fighting style like Toadstool or Klaus. Maybe he can jump up & down to cause earthquakes causing debris to fall from the ceiling.
  14. It's a set piece. There is a lot more but the spawn chance is very low.
  15. Klei should really do something about the Ancient Guardian getting stuck at pillars. It's a really cheesy & boring way of killing the Ancient Guardian. A lot of people exploit it & it's really lame. Fighting the Ancient Guardian should be fun & challenging, not some cheesy one trick kill. IMO they should remove the pillars or make the area bigger so he doesn't get stuck.