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  1. No pretty parasol when playing as robot. Not present, even when standing next to a science machine. Should be always available, under survival tab https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Pretty_Parasol
  2. Wait for the egg to hatch. Pick it up. Place on shelf. Remove from shelf to inventory, immediately place back on shelf. 1-2 new Ro Bin spawn with each remove/replace to shelf I purposely did NOT upload the save game. I dont want to mess with all these Ro Bin, so I shut my game down from Task Manager to keep it from saving.
  3. Beetle that had been knocked off his dung was running around. Save+Exit+Reload. Beetle back on a dung ball
  4. Dung pile

    The pile of dung cannot be dug through, and the beetles ignore it. Perhaps this is intended, but I havent seen anything supporting that the piles become unable to use Will upload a save file.
  5. During Lush season, items blow out of bounds. Do not disappear. Unable to gather
  6. Cannot take action

    Update: Save/Exit/Reload and I was able to move again. My character jumped to the boat, but jumped short and missed. I was able to build a torch, move around, and successfully jump on the boat this time
  7. Jumped to my Cargo boat, when it changed to night, as my torch went out. All 3 happened at the same time. I cannot move, see boat inventory, or craft anything. Had to turn on God mode to survive the night /e Uploaded the save file. MOAR saves. Last page, 2nd from bottom.
  8. Hang Turkey leg. Save+Exit does not fix the graphic Looks cool though
  9. Hired 4 guards to help me take out the Womant Queen. Back to base and slept in a bedroll for some sanity. Upon waking, the guards are trying to run somewhere, but cannot leave my house. It would be nice if guards left after a short amount of time, such as 1-2 days game time when not hired.; even better, if they could follow until they are back on the surface and then lose loyalty.
  10. when growing living logs, with crown in place. 1. normal animation 2. lack of arm animation, when crown in place
  11. I sell the various idols for 10 each, as well as the chitin for 3 each. I have killed these vendors before to test what they hold... seems that only the idols are dropped, so those may only be the things that count. Dont know what the count is until inventory is full
  12. It takes a long time to fill up vendor inventory, but I was able to recreate this bug. Others have reported the same thing prior Pic is of the statue falling at the same time as being paid a 10 piece Oinc Save submitted
  13. When game loads, Ro Bin runs away. Not the first time he has run away, but he has always come back after a few mins, or when I go in and out of doorways - not the case this time for either. I used the console commands to jump to inventory in him after playing a few mins... he was on island 5 and I was on island 3. File submitted. Again, the WormWood file with Moar Saves Mod. Thank you
  14. Chest accessibility

    I did add those 2 windows on the left recently. Perhaps that is the cause? /e Yes, I believe it is. I could not access the top left chest at all during the day. The light went dimmer during evening and then I was able to click on the chest, below the beam of light. /e2 During night time, when there is no light through the window, I have full access to the chest. The ray of light causes a conflict with accessing items