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  1. Should be a bug then, especially considering it says 5,5kW / 0,0kW.
  2. Do the wires suffer from overload damage?
  3. As far as I know, this one is coming for sure, gas piping and related should go under "ventilation", liquid piping and related "plumbing". Concerning usability, I'd like to be able to set a level of priority directly with an hotkey, like when I'm in the priority overlay, if I press a number, that number should be the priority you're setting to some tiles.
  4. Debug Mode Mac OS version

    Solved by adding the text file in almost every sub folder, but still not sure what the correct pathing is unfortunately
  5. I'm almost sure that Debug Mode doesn't work on the Mac OS version, I tried to enable it by putting a .txt file named "debug_enable" almost everywhere (once at a time, first attempt the data folder inside the package oxygen not included, which should be the equivalent of the Windows pathing /OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data).
  6. Hi everyone, I've been hanging around and reading the forums a lot, but never actively posted anything since I've been waiting for the release of the mac version of the game. I was wondering how to activate the debug mode on mac, since creating a .txt file named "debug_enable" in the folder Data did not work for me. I also tried to move the text file around almost everywhere, but still doesn't work unluckily. Thank you in advance for your time