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  1. I honestly think its a bug, willow doesnt seem to get any sanity from fires atm, likely a botched line of code somewhere or something, i dont know if its intentional oh nvm they fixed it in patch!
  2. I think there is an issue right now where willow isn't receiving any sanity from fires? edit : oh nvm u guys got it in this patch, nice!
  3. I like new bernie because it allows for willow to be more of a sanity management character which is cool and easily farm the heck outta nightmare fuel, and yeah invulnerability all the way!
  4. i do think that they may have meant it, as it’s fine to disagree with others but saying that voicing ones opinion on a character they think could use some work is ‘useless’ is a bit much, especially when the proposed change would really just make the character more fun, also how often have you died to fire if ever, i don’t think fire immunity is the same by any means as removing being frozen yes fire damage is a mechanic but so is losing sanity, by your own logic maxwell shouldn’t have that crazy regen bc it removes something he has to worry about and that makes the game worse off somehow
  5. her being immune to fire in no way at all would make her op it would just make her a more fun character to play as you would be able to stand in the fire for sanity gain and not have to worry about it, it fits her theme and would just make her that much more fun without messing with balance, i don’t see why people who are disappointed by her not receiving this and giving their honest feedback, something which the devs will look at and likely consider are being scolded for being rude or inconsiderate, it’s what made willow so fun in don’t starve and in don’t starve together at the moment and even with this rework the fact that she lacks that immunity will turn some people off and just there’s no reason NOT to have it
  6. really the only thing i don’t like would be the fire meter, as it would in my eyes lead to newer players panicking and setting things they shouldn’t on fire
  7. does this mean hallowed nights is now over as well?
  8. I love this new title screen and the forge was a blast, thanks
  9. if you are near a corner you are able to get hit out of bounds by the final boss when he does his three hit combo, its happened to me in two recent games, and the second time it happened he hit both me and a teammate out, however they were able to jump back in with their forging hammer
  10. Boarrior out of bounds

    yeah i could jump back into the arena, but we won soon after i got out
  11. Boarrior out of bounds

    quick update, im not sure if this affects things but the boarrior was already in the corner and i used the spiral spear to jump on top of him, as soon as i did he pushed me back with his 3 hit combo and i did end up out of bounds
  12. if the boarrior is walking towards you in a corner and does his three hit combo it can knock your character out of bounds, letting you roam free
  13. Whenever woodie goes into the werebeaver mode with the new gladiator skin on it just makes him invisible except for a floating shirt.