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  1. Since web always overflow, it would be great to give it more usages. I strongly suggest that we can have a new sewing machine to create decor purpose clothings. It serves as a skin that can be the outer layer in a player's clothing, which means it won't be covered by armor or backpack. I think it would also make sense if it has a seperate equip slot. However, I think though such act is fun, it might affect the necessity of skin system. Therefore, I think it would be great if, after receiving new skin, we can only wear it when we make it out of sewing machine. In this case, skin system stay necessary while sewing system can come in.
  2. After killing all the bosses and building a huge base. It's time to delete the world and start a new one. Any idea for new content that can extend game time greatly, but not making it too time-consuming? What I mean here is making it more fun for players who already finished everything they can do in dst, but not too time-consuming or mandatory for normal players.
  3. There's 84% chance of wet goop, and 6.48% chance of rot, which becomes a sore in eyes eventually. Some people might use it or somehow depend on it, but I strongly recommend setting an option to turn off such drops. I think the gifts after being befriended is acceptable, since it will only be activated by players.
  4. Not talking about wildfire actually, it's the berry bushes and cut grass I was talking about. This is not a high-priority suggestion tho.
  5. Players won't be trapped at base if we have a more automatic machinism for iceflingmatic during summer. It would be better if we can connect a iceflingmatic to a chest filled with fuel, like log, poop, etc. If it is too OP, I would suggest limit it to Winona's personal recipe. The iceflingmatic can either link to the closest chest or it can be connected through some structures like pipes or wires.
  6. When WX-78 is moving too fast, which in my case is with two speed chips and cane walking on road, mouse-control moving can be troublesome. For some reasons, when you click on the floor that's too closed to WX-78, it will move forward and backward repeatedly. I don't use mouse to control moving usually, but I think it's something that need to be fixed.
  7. It would be great if we have a showcase or a base structure that can store or hold the sculptures, just like when you haven't moved the completed sculptures from potter's wheel. It can be categorized as decoration.
  8. I noticed that when you reload to a previous saving, the scan bot of WX-78 won't follow you, and just stay there in flying condition.
  9. I didn't know that. Thanks for this information! but still, why do we need this kind of difference between inventory and backpack?
  10. In DST, extra meat becomes gold nuggets, and extra gold nuggets stay in the chest. For now, we can use gold nuggets to make tools, Wigfrid's helmet and spear, dragonfly chest, and some structures, yet the number of gold nuggest still steadly increase over time. We need more gold-consuming decorations like gold turfs, gold walls, gold armor, or something new and creative. Or a different type of armor made by Wigfrid that consume more gold nuggets and has a higher durability.
  11. When opening a chest, we can press SHIFT with LM to quickly move items into our inverntory, yet we can't move it into our backpack. I don't see the point of distinguishing inventory and backpack.
  12. So far, there are only two usages for Bearger's Thick Fur. One is to maake Hybearnation Vest, and the other is to make Insulated Pack. However, as the number of Thick Fur increases every year, from both Bearger and Klaus, the only usage for it is to stay in chest. I would recommend some more usage like making special turfs, some kinds of tools.
  13. I'm sorry.

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