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  1. Hey, are you still trying to get your save file up and running? How's it going so far?

  2. You still have hope that your file could be saved?

    1. MTX1234


      No response from the developers yet, I'm playing Starbound now in case you're wondering.

    2. TheKingDedede


      I was looking back on my past posts and I was wondering, do you still visit the forums from time to time?

  3. List updated! Don't Starve: Free Coal Don't Starve: Free Ash Don't Starve: Marsh Trees/Bushes Don't Starve: Easy Rabbit/Bird Hunt
  4. Oh wow, this is just too good. Well done, well done indeed..
  5. I've been looking for something like this. well done
  6. @Gingerbread This isn't really how I do it, it was just a quick demonstration for beginners that may not have enough resources for more pig houses and I didn't want to make it lengthy. I actually turn him into a werepig instead of killing him (unless if I wanted to spawn krampus) or give single pig a piece of meat, declare an attack so my pig will attack first, pigs will fight each other and voila! This is what my pig village looks like, total of 46 pighouses and I get 46 mixed drops of meat and skin
  7. This also works on bunny houses, I might add. Odd. I thought it was removed from DST to make it harder, since most things were tweaked in DST to be a little bit harder than DS. Also added new video! Easy Manure
  8. Just a bunch of tutorials I've made I hope you find them helpful. they're not 100% complete so if there's anything you'd like me to add, tell me about it. 1. Don't Starve: First things to do 2. Don't Starve: Base Sample 3. Don't Starve: Keeping Warm in Winter 4. Don't Starve: Unavailable Foods in winter 5. Don't Starve: Protection from Constant Rain 6. Don't Stave: Keeping Cool in the Summer 7. Don't Starve: Food Types 8. Don't Starve: All Crockpot Recipes 9. Don't Starve: How to Get Crop Seeds 10. Don't Starve: Infinite Pig Respawn 11. Don't Starve: Resurrection Types 12. Don't Starve: Easy Manure 13 Don't Starve: Free Coal New 14 Don't Starve: Free Ash New 15 Don't Starve: Marsh Trees/Bushes New 16 Don't Starve: Easy Rabbit/Bird Hunt New 17. Don't Starve: Simple Hound Trap 18. Don't Starve: Killer Bee Trap 19. Don't Starve: Mactusk Trap 20. Don't Starve: Simple Spider Trap 21. Don't Starve: Defeat All Giants Easily Playlist Link
  9. Damn you're lucky! Shame my world is devoid of any mushroom forests.
  10. @Hacsev They don't. I'll have to use the teleportato and regenerate a new world each time.