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  1. Best example is staying in the crafting menu for the prize booth and go to corvus, the menu will still be in the prize booth tab instead of switching.
  2. 1. a good cpu and minimum 8gb ram. 2. never used steamcmd but jazzy has these tutorial:
  3. I think this change is a bit whack since now in-game music and the chorus box will stack.
  4. While hosting forest only you can deploy the scanner down anywhere even the ocean, while in servers with caves you can't deploy the scanner near other things.
  5. everything feels nice in forest only test.
  6. she does not except spiced foods.
  7. these first parts made me chuckle. thank you for the patch.
  8. After a long years of not posting um I got stuff. Emotes(using these on twitch): Vtube models: Sub badges: Halloween:
  9. Oasis spawns 3 when its summer and the pond fills if the previous flys were caught.