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  1. Uhh its in a perfect state. its not like you are locked from ruins or dfly to do moon base and you can spam moon base event. also all you need is 2 in a book shelf and you can cycle as they heal up.
  2. there can only be 1 bearger and it never despawns and needs to be killed so there can't be infinite spawns of 1 boss unless they add goose which would be amazing with new rain book recipe.
  3. 1. I was thinking moose/goose force spawns if you use it near a pond. 2. Maybe add varg or ewecus to the other 40% 3. Maybe bearger after first autumn.
  4. not riled up. gets in close contact and snipes him .
  5. !. hitting yourself with boomerang makes them attack you. 2. ctrl + clicking do not make the bees attack compared to ctrl + F.
  6. Would be pretty neat if pc got these Ram saving changes but understandable if switch port only has these.
  7. My idea is make it grow stuff around wicker like the forest stalker were the plants decay and disappear. Also it could be based on biome/turf to spawn cactus in desert turf/area or berry bushes and such in grass turf/area.
  8. ag, slurpers, depth worms, and sink holes that need the forager.
  9. I got a small idea/suggestion about how to keep ghost wonkey: when the player has 0 trinkets they should stay as wonkey until trading with the queen 1 last time.
  10. The devs are always watching and taking notes, just understand that they have the power to say no or yes and we as player respect their decision.
  11. @JesseB_Klei if you hold trinkets in your mouse and pick up the overflow trinket on the ground it still makes this happen.
  12. You become a monkey mini gun of sound and twitching.
  13. Most likely a dev can't reproduce this with little to no detail. maybe add pc specs and such.
  14. This groundwork update is amazing for being the first one of this arc.