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  1. I went through a lot of worlds, and the only thing that gives me a good laugh is the rare instance of bad world gen. These two tentacle disappoint me. A long road leading nowhere. how could this even happen? the chess robots where so close to freedom. Reserved pig king. A
  2. 'bony' "of or like bone."..................but the ancient guardian is not bony.... might be a typo because the devs thought we had to kill the stalker? thoughs?
  3. Crafting Tab overlay

    console commands are not bugs.
  4. maybe we have to wait, i think joew said this onec, they will tell us when things are ready and when they think it is ready to tell.
  5. one day my dude....one day ;~;
  6. guess its a bust, now we wait patiently next to our campfire.
  7. I think all bosses have a weak point, including new toad.
  8. keep task manager open and see what is causing ram or cpu lag.
  9. Bunny Puff and Trap should be fuel.

    not a bug @Civi, the suggestion and feedback thread is the way to go. ;>

    welcome to the forums.
  11. I like how the titles are perfectly capitalized.
  12. dragonfly and ruins? hello, ez gems.
  13. than its pretty much cheaper than a pan :>.
  14. they might not patch this because its not normal game mechanics, just retype godmode again.
  15. Does napsack help with enraged dfly?
  16. I think this is how the caves have always been dude, if you find an alternative to forever night then give the devs a hand. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. it is not a bug, the game cant remember what skins it was made by. the game also counts skins just as normal items.
  18. Don't Have it

    where did you get this game?
  19. this is mostly for the deer clops eye since not all will get one and trolls might just use it up for a statue.
  20. Criticizing a game is good and helps the devs better understand what needs to be done to better the game, but complaining does not help if you shove your ideals in a rude manner. not everyone is going to play wicker and the helm perishes like the bee queen crown which is underrated op. if the helm was refuelable then it be op. you go through "hard boss" that takes prep to get it, in my opinion thats pretty good end game items( bone helm, armor and thurible).