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  1. this has been reported many times, the answer is this is not normal play.
  2. Sort option by season and nutrient requirement.
  3. nettle and tillweed wont complete this but FML need to be picked twice for it to research into the hat.
  4. Blow up all bosses, I'll stand tall on all the ashes of the bosses.
  5. Small paraphrase from joew, all dates are not final and will be subject to change. Just wait a bit, it is coming.
  6. Wolfgang exist, but i was thinking a flat damage buff like 20 points instead of a multiplier.
  7. O, you know I'm going to bust out my Wx78 art.
  8. I have been trying out Wurt and I have got to say that her play style sacrifices to much for what gain she gets to help a team or playing alone. Solo stand point as playing wurt for a long period of time: 1. she kinda can't get gold as plentiful as using pig king. 2. Trinkets have no use to her and she can't use the chess piece trinkets. Would be fine if the merm king took them. 3. Merm king is underwhelming in his loot pool to just keep Wurt alive with food and the occasional tentacle spot. 4. The merm king buff is ok, a suggestion would be a small damage buff to Wurt to be similar to other merms.
  9. Sorry if i did not clarify, "some important structures might not spawn at all." was for retrofitted worlds.
  10. new pillars mess with spawned structures. some important structures might not spawn at all.