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  1. Hype for hamlet?

    what if the game played out like animal crossing, but the villagers were pigmen ;>.
  2. I know I'm hyped, from what it looks like from the pics on steam page, it might be a dungeon crawler with loot and a town of pigmen to live with. some people complain that it is not "survival", but we have not gotten the dlc yet. one of the pics looks like you have to buy your food, which is not bad and adds a twist to survival.
  3. @Zillvr I have funneled this bug to being worlds that are SW compatible public branch.
  4. I'll try to record it without mods, at the time i was not in the new shipwrecked beta.
  5. Winona confirmed perks

    hmm, lets look at winona late game: she should be the base builder if you want new structures a bit fast, there will be a big supply of silk and grass but there will be a lot of unused hounds teeth, and the charlie hit is ok for new players if they forget light material.
  6. Winona confirmed perks

    "after 9 years in development, hopefully it's worth the wait"
  7. Winona confirmed perks

    so basically early sewing kit.......fbm qwq.
  8. guess I got badges :^>

  9. Meet Winona!

    the hype is real ;>.
  10. Crafting Tab overlay

    console commands are not bugs.
  11. keep task manager open and see what is causing ram or cpu lag.
  12. Bunny Puff and Trap should be fuel.

    not a bug @Civi, the suggestion and feedback thread is the way to go. ;>