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  1. Glad that this bug is finally catching more attention, especially with the release of the new character wormwood, who uses seeds much more than other characters. hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. picking any character then canceling then switching to shipwrecked mode and then re-selecting the character displays Wilba as unlocked, you can select her and then change into any don't starve game mode, including Hamlet, on attempting to start the game with her, it set's it to Wilson. also in the character selection menu. while the glitch is active, it sets the color background to the old Shipwrecked character selection background (the blue one). weird glitch, not game breaking as it doesn't let you play as Wilba, (I know because I haven't unlocked her yet).
  3. Played to day 13 with no bat attacks. which was odd because they usually attack on like day 6-7. That night I finally got the prompt of an vampire bat attack, got armor and spear to fend off the group size of what I assumed to be 5-6 bats. Was very surprised when 20-15 bats swarmed and killed me. not sure if this was intentional or something? but that many bat seems a little harsh for only day 13.
  4. I am having a similar issue, the game boots up, displays the Klei logo, then displays the general error report page for about half a second before closing itself entirely. I have checked my drivers, verified the integrity of the files, checked for any of the listed possible conflicting programs on the support page, I've tried running and installing with security programs disabled, my computer is more than capable of running the game. iv'e also tried running the game from just it's file and i get the same problem. I cant pin down what the problem is. I really enjoy this game, so I hope it's just me being stupid and missing something relatively obvious.
  5. Cannot build tiles to the left hand side of any ladders.
  6. Love this mod, would be cool if he provided a very small snaity buff to other players when very near him. Great work! Great mod!