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  1. The idea is to put another texture on the floors and that they can be activated or deactivated, but I don't know how to do it, nor do I know if what I put is correct but I don't get results. (I already managed to change the texture, although I still lack the power to deactivate or activate in the mods config) Here are the codes i used: local require = GLOBAL.require require "constants" print("New biome texture") Assets = { Asset("IMAGE", "levels/textures/Ground_noise_a.tex"), } if GetModConfigData("Showground_noise") ~= "0" then if GLOBAL.TheWorld and GLOBAL.TheWorld.Ground.forest then local TheWorld = GLOBAL.TheWorld TheWorld.Ground.forest:SetForestTexture(resolvefilepath("levels/textures/Ground_noise_a.tex")) end end configuration_options = { { name = "Showground_noise", label = "enable new forest turf?", hover = "", options = { {description = "Yes", data = "1"}, {description = "No", data = "0"}, }, default = "1", }, If anyone knows what may be failing or if everything is wrong, it would be great to hear any possible answers