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  1. Thanks so much everyone! I struggled a bit with this one but glad it was worth it. I don't know how much DS art I'll do (I may be tempted to do chibi art??) but I'll for sure share anything I do. I might make an OT art thread with some of my other art, but you can always find more through my sites if you're curious ^__^
  2. Oh just realized there is an art section so not sure if this should be moved (◍•﹏•)ゞ
  3. I've been hooked on this game every since it came out on PS3 and through ROG and Shipwrecked. Wendy and Wigfrid are still my two favorite to play as. So I self indulged and did an art with them together :3 Hope you guys enjoy it! I draw chibi art so often that I decided to do an epic scene instead with a lot going on. If anyone else has done any fanart, please share too! It's always fun to see. Meanwhile, I just died on my best Shipwrecked game to date this morning so I'm gonna go pout now lol Stupid Sealnado.
  4. Hubby and I were depressed with connection issues---game was on day 52 yesterday so think it was the last update. Same issues everyone states here. So we need to make him a PSN account on my PS4? We'll go ahead and try that. We're both hooked on this game especially since we can play together now. Using two controllers on the PS4 seems to have gotten much more complicated than yester consoles... lol