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  1. I would say in solo version : yes it could be awesome. In together version : as orange gem are less hard to get ( dragon fly + ruin reset ) and you don't know what to do with walrus tusk. I don't really see why adding this function
  2. Thanks a lot! it was very informative! last question: it is possible to build a skyworthy in shipwreck?
  3. Hello, Yesterday I make the big jump ! I decided to leave my RoG world to go into the sky island of hamlet. My pocket full of gold and equipment to rush the second island to construct the way back machine. However at my surprise when I arrived it was the aporkalypse ! I expected to arrive day 1. So several questions : -So the times run in the 3 world even when not generated? - I guess food are spoiling in other workd - meat effigy in other world work ? - when I am in cave in RoG I noticed the time at the surface somehow stop ( fligomantic or food didnt look to spoil ) - if I have meat effigy inside an hamlet house in another world. Did it work ? - if I reset one world , did it will reset the other world ? - there is something else should I know about travelling between world ?
  4. And today ? Is it soon ? =D #impatient #5yearold
  5. For me, I always put the log suit in this square.
  6. Nice bases! I would like to know how do you do to avoid the base to burn in summer? what are your strategy? ice staff? flingomatik?