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  1. The fish farm not sure is bug or not, i feel when i using bug net to catch bee nearby the fish farm, the bee come from the fish farm is like unlimited in a short time interval. it is not like you can catch 2/3 bee at a time from the fish farm, but it is keep spawning bee from fish farm.
  2. sry, i want to ask about, I was using Madman Fighting Pack, for the Golden Helmet, and Golden Armor, i would like make it inifnite like this mod, but i dont know how to modify it. For golden sword, and other weapon, i using the infinite tool make it infnites, seem ok. --[[ InfiniteArmor by tehMugwumpAs near infinite as needs be.... 5 days of constant hound attacks drops less than 1%. A little more interesting than just making it impervious to damage.--]]--PrefabFiles = {-- "goldarmor",-- "goldhelm", --}local wilson_health = 150TUNING.ARMORGRASS = wilson_health*10000TUNING.ARMORWOOD = wilson_health*10000TUNING.ARMORMARBLE = wilson_health*10000TUNING.ARMORMARBLE_SLOW = 1.0 -- removes speed hitTUNING.ARMORRUINS = wilson_health *10000TUNING.ARMORSLURPER_SLOW_HUNGER = 1.0 -- removed hunger hitTUNING.ARMORSLURPER = wilson_health *10000TUNING.ARMOR_FOOTBALLHAT = wilson_health*10000TUNING.ARMOR_SLURTLEHAT = wilson_health*10000TUNING.ARMOR_BEEHAT = wilson_health*10000TUNING.ARMOR_SANITY = wilson_health *10000--TUNING.GOLDHELM = wilson_health *10000--TUNING.GOLDARMOR = wilson_health *10000