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  1. Seems someone doesn't like Wendy looking like an anime High School student. (Just put the default skirt on)
  2. I have to say, the Survivor Skins have to be at least worth $0.01, like I mean c'mon, a perfectly ok White T-Shirt would cost more than some rags that Wilson wore for 100+ days. Unless you're into clothes with rips, then I understand.
  3. Man, these skins are giving me a few feels, the Don't Starve cast has been through a lot.
  4. I have to say, Wendy's hair looks like Charlie....If I give her a Ball Gown from Wicker...oh god...I can make a Blonde Charlie.
  5. Man, I love paying $22 for one of these, but seriously, can't wait till the prices go down.
  6. Awesome drop Snake! Now use the fulton device to bring back to Mother Base.
  7. Oh my Maxwell! Wilson became Big Boss! Aside from that, everyone looks awesome! Especially since Wendy has short hair.
  8. Don't think anyone got the drop, nor want to sell. Got spares?
  9. Well, I don't think your fancy suit will last through 100 Days in the DST world.
  10. I can see it as a sorta benefit, as I can turn my Horiculture books to Tentacles, which makes it easier for me as the Culture books are easy to make. And I wished they showed us some pics of the new skins....that'd be nice.
  11. ....New skins??? Yay???? Am I the only one who cares?
  12. Well, he could just be like a little human version of himself, but he was that special kid making bugs like him. Ability to befriend spiders.
  13. Oh I almost forgot about that, guess I'll just cross that out from my hopes and dreams list.
  14. : ( Why does no one like this idea? I heard it from another person, I thought it was a nice idea.
  15. Hmm never heard of the Loyal and Timeless before. Wish the Timeless (Or Loyal) skins would be achievement based, then these skins wouldn't be tradable nor marketable. Example: Upgrade WX-78 to max on a server of 2-6 people to unlock WX-78000 Get on the Naughty List as Wendy on a server of 4-6 to unlock Creepy Wendy. And maybe for Timeless skins: Play on Halloween for 1 hour to get a skin + outfit to get any of the Spooky themed skins. (Mad Scientist Wilson and Burnt Willow) On New Year's day, play 1 hour to get a child version of the original characters.