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  1. At first i thought it was because i bought something but then in happend again couple times. I couldn't figure what causes it, it seems it's random. The pigs always run away, bumping into the wall after the desk disappears.
  2. I bought gold in one of the stors in pig town. After leaving i got warped far away to an unknown location. Also there was a relict on the ground, right in the spot game warped me to, when i pick up the relict another one immediately spawns at it's place. (I don't know if it has anything to do with de bug but it happened during 13th day, right after the fog kicked in.)
  3. After entering some rooms in the dungeon, bats spawned there are attacking spike traps instead of the player.
  4. Can't interact with Glowfly. No option to attack, catch or examine by clicking on them or using any controls.