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  1. Me: Ok, time to go to sleep.

    Brain: Wait! I just thought of a perfect new intro for your old Spyra story!

    Me: F**ken brain, not now! I gotta sle-


    Lightning lit up the blackened clouds that blanketed the sky, trying to strike the unholy place that stood below. An old abandoned cemetery filled with nothing but overgrowth, sunken tombstones and bodies of the dead. Among the muddy unkempt terrain there stood a cabin. Inside lived a witch dragon, working her spells and magic.


    So yeah, my brain decided to work for me once and I was like "Man I gotta write this down". It's way better than what I originally had but I still think there's room here for improvement.

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    2. Paxtonnnn



      I was joking.

    3. minespatch


      Well, you got a intro paragraph. That'll work.

    4. DragonMage156


      Sorry Pax, I didn't realize ^^;