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  1. *Is playing Adventure Mode as Webber*

    *Thinks of Itsy Bitsy Spider*

    *Starts making up her own Webber version of it*

    The itsy bitsy spider-boy went running through the swamp

    Out came a merm and knocked the spider out

    Out came the sun and dried up all the merms

    and the itsy bitsy spider-boy ran through the swamp again

    Don't ask me where that came from XD my mind can be creative and messed up sometimes. I'm sorry Webber fans! D:

    1. PhelsarusBeel


      You're still better at rhyming then me.

      Can't do that for the life of me (except it's by freak accident).

    2. Asparagus


      "Dried out all the merms"

      That is both morbid and funny XD

    3. Dara999


      I made a time warp Don't starve song... let me see if I can find that.