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  1. When I transform the game crashes :(

    I love this charather!

    Leveling up like no other, the get hurt, hurts they attacker is sweet.

    His super fast, witch is supe, makes exploreing the map something that not take forever.

    His the strongest characther I every played.

    Finnally I can kill Toadstoo,l Kluas and BeeQueen by myselfe.

    His Hp that gets back fast so It's really hard to get killed by vanilla monster etc.

    Rabbits and birds don't run away from you, so it's easyer to catch/kill. 

    I really would love to play as the enormus furry monster thing that looks sickly murderus! Like a Digimon :3

    Thnaks you for reading and mostly for makeing this mod for people to play. <3


    1. Rowila


      I also tried with out any mods.

      Still crahses. :,( 


    2. Yagenius


      I tried to fix it for a year but I think it's seem doesn't work. :'(


      Okay ... I'll try to fix it again today. :')


      and Thank you for the screenshot ♥

  2. Hey! I'm havening problem with getting the dedicated server for Caves to work for my friend, since I can leave the cave and re- enter with no issue but my friend getts an Server timed out when he try`s to go up to the world above the caves and gets the response to Yell louder. I tried the guide (Linked it below) but not sure if I did everything right. I don't not know if this is a bug our an issue, but I do whant help so I can make a server that makes caves re enter for up and down going for outers to. NETWORK.txt New Text Document.txt NETWORK.txt GAMEPLAY.txt