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  1. Please, where's the tusk devouring chin? (Mighty Wolfgang with this skin is appearently too mighty for puny tusks) Jokes aside it looks fantastic.
  2. I don't think it's science anymore. Or perhaps it's so un-scientific it has become scientific yet again? *Explodes into a broken ship*
  3. Actually could work to "regen" ruins. And make the AG fight more intense since its not just stroll back after killing him but rather run back with your allies. If one dies in the caves though while he runs away. what happens to him?
  4. Someone suggested the ruins statues giving sketches. Tbh I'd LOVE that to be a replacement.
  5. There is no such reason. Hence why we're not just letting it be but rather talking about ways to bypass the limit of not being able to carry them through. I offered that they'll randomly spawn in the caves like they do in worlds where the statues have been mined, someone else offered they'll be found in the vases in the ruins area(also giving a reason to smash them if one pleases), etc.
  6. They can, but doing so can("can"...will.) break a lot things working the same way.
  7. No, the wiki is heavily unupdated on A LOT of stuff. It's in game and it can be found legit.
  8. *inhales the art* *Exhals oceans of compliments*
  9. Issue is that entering a sinkhole is like exiting and entering a server. Hence why Followers don't come with you and Chester's bone gets dropped.
  10. Scalemail and Thulecite Crown effects no longer trigger when a player’s mount takes damage. FeelsBadMan
  11. He's a good boob. You should get to know him.
  12. Aaahhhh they're all so great <3 The Charlie one is probably my favorite though.
  13. Nice picture. You nearly spooked me

    1. Maslak


      I'm nearly satisfied, then! :) Thanks

  14. Did you check? Also hmm, looks like they...have horns?
  15. I wonder how will the pawns function. I assume like in that old concept, of them being tiny spiderlike creatures, with their strength mainly being in numbers.
  16. Nose-man statue when. Also I am hoping that we'll get more things unrelated to the moon. Lategame things, world hopping/something similar, endgame stuff, a way to re-summon the ancient guardian or let him respawn, etc. Anyway this does look interesting, been enjoying ANR so far.
  17. It works until you have nothing to explore, and then when endgame is a thing and all you really do is build fancy stuff because the game has little to no lategame content, it just makes things more boring.
  18. *attempts to contain the ****posting* its hip to eat bees "A ton" You needed 18. It was actually pretty funny, he just stood there and let them beat him up to death. It should be a challange but it should be possible, I agree. Dfly can be soloed, but its demanding and harder, and thats how it should be.
  19. Poor Webber, always sees his buddies die. They just wanted to play!
  20. I'm with L, you draw yourself so cute! Also you like Maxwell, that already gives you 10 points