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  1. Ever since @GiddyGuy showed one of your drawings I knew I had to check the art and lore out. Luckily finally got some time and daaaamn, these are some fantastic draws.
  2. Being a lover of the dapperest character and checking on this thread is always a bet weather it's great art and feels or great art and dorkwell. Sometimes its both.
  3. 1. Marble Suits will never be the meta. Many can't kite thanks to lag so having these not be too crappy is a nice thing for them, and the fact they make you so slow means you can't really move too much while wearing them, which is still needed for a bunch of things you fight. 2. Screaming kittens are even better. Especially if they can draw.
  4. Yes. And now it's out of beta and in the main game. Notice the lack of [BETA] on the update name? That's what it means. Only the first half of it is out in the main branch though. we still have another half to get in beta before it goes in the normal game.

    Between this and bands I actually enjoy, I gotta thank youtube for some actually good reccomendations lately

  6. FTFY I'm half saddened that Multitoads have been patched, because I wanted to test them a bit more, but I'm glad they got patched.
  7. Oh hey I have 2029 rep now. I wanted to do something for 2000 but appearently I forgot.

    So...Party time?

  8. Nice Avatar picture. Melting took Brimstone.

  9. Thank you @Mr.P

    (also why are there so many Mr. P accounts, dammit)

    1. AnonymousKoala


      While I'm on the topic of good music and finales, I think this counts:


    2. Arlesienne


      Dark Souls! Give me more!

    3. AnonymousKoala


      and then there's the actual ost of all 3 games which is just fantastic

  10. Of course you're not Dear Fridge, you don't have a fridge, you just wish for one.
  11. Oh you don't know lazy until you see what I did for a death animation once. I kind of left every new part in the final 2 frames uncolored, and in the final one where it switches to a darker pallette so that the player won't think the enemy is alive, I litearly just wrote "DARK" above the sprite.
  12. Wait what's the red and orange? I can identify a Tallbird Egg, monster Meat, and a volt goat horn. (also yeah you did well with the light. Good job.)
  13. I love the idea of Abigail creating herself a body like this! Ships never sink as long as you don't look at them sinking.
  14. There's actually a whole section for art. This looks pretty great, hoping you'd open up a thread there too.