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  1. And on that day I'll write another 2 pages for free
  2. I dislike most SW in DST mods because they seek to port SW with all of its flaws too/not realize them. This? This I like. Can't wait to see more.
  3. Personally I don't think this'll help. Increasing amounts doesn't mean much when they're still the same "challange", and even if it does it's not an interesting change. Also slapping more hp on something to make it harder is always the wrong way to go. Dfly's hp just makes the fight longer and toad's is enjoyable either way. Bee Queen could die in a fire for all I care tho.
  4. Hey that's too quiet. Can we please remove mini glaciers already There.
  5. Everyone's favorite dish is what they need to be "crafted" with, iirc. Very intuitive actually.

    1. minespatch


      I'll try listening to it tomorrow. Forgot my earphones when going to the library.

    2. AnonymousKoala


      Mage, you doomed him forever to listen to this. Thank you <3

    3. minespatch


      Oh man, the fans of BLR have been waiting for this. Thanks for linking this.

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  7. brb eargasming

    1. MeingroessterFan


      Jeeesh, this IS pretty sexy.

    2. AnonymousKoala


      All his stuff are already amazing and whenver he does something that's good enough on its own already...just wow. 

  8. 1) I happen to be said "some people", btw. 2) Here's the thing. Things coming for you don't become hard because they come for you. The giants are nothing for veterans/exprienced players because they have no lasting threat. Once you got their pattern and know what to do if they come in a bad time, you're golden. as @SuperPsiPower once mentioned on the forums and on discord, original Toadstool was a good endgame goal. A tanky boss with all these difficult but cool mechanics(i'd like to add that his drops being great decor is also a good thing, as lategame is all about decors, and their utility is great) and the timer, forces you to still have a challange once you know what to do against him. Sure, it needed some tweaking possibly, but it was a good lategame goal. For long lasting good looking lights, beat the tough endgame boss. The issue with the ANR updates is that the promises kept talking about lategame, but here we are, 5/6(depends on if you consider beta or main branches) updates later, and not much has come out of that. The shadow pieces are unfinished, the Toadstool was nerfed to a point where it's not really an endgame thing, just a tougher giant, the dfly is a joke, the og giants are still not much of a challange(i don't know if i feel like they should be tbh, i'd rather getting actually new stuff), and bee queen is an annoyance with not enough players and with enough players is basically Dfly but less rewarding. We have a handful of new mildly useful things, and a handful of good looking decorative(most of them have utility, yes, but come on, let's not fool ourselves) things. Ruins can't be regened so once cleared they amount to "go in, use deconstruction staves and construction amulets, make crowns and suits/any other thing if you feel like it, leave". Iridiscent gem, Glommer's Wings, Guardian horn(one houndius is like no houndius), Phlegm, and more are useless/near useless. Willow is trash, and last I can think of now, disease still has no purpose to exist and feels tacked on/plain stupid. I like what the game is trying to be, a sandbox with multiple things to do that ends up as fighting bosses and building big pretty bases. The issue is that it does't understand what it tries to be and whenever it gets told that it's doing it badly(mind you, from the wrong people sometimes), it decides to drop it completely rather than tweak it. We want that in lategame(probably, as to not screw noobs over too much), everything will be renewable. We want challanges, from tough bosses to fight that don't amount to tanking or kiting to taking care of new threats in different forms(for the love of god not like Disease though. Disease is a horrible example of a "threat"). We want good rewards for endgame too however. The shadow pieces dropping unique weps and armor for lategame is wonderful, and I want to see THAT, alongside with something to make the fight more interesting. I can't agree any more, my fishy friend.
  9. Beeswax sprite is also pretty bad. While I agree on the skins(Save for the endtables, these are pretty damn good), Dark Souls-esque is not the word for that. Hero in the Dark is NOT Dark Souls.Also if it was these dragons would've already tore you apart
  10. Ok but why do you want hives to be renewable, if they offer nothing more than a bee box would? (also thank you for a higher quality version of that vid, will be upgrading my stock of response videos)
  11. The new content is good, and there's probably some more to it I don't know yet, but...This feels dissapointing, compared to the promises that have been made. And then there's how the Shadow Pieces still are unfinished, Glommer Wings and Iridiscent Gem have no use, Issues from Pre-ANR, etc.
  12. Memes never die! You had me in the first part and you killed me inside on the second.
  13. Personally I hope they make their glaciers removable too or first. Because they're such an annoyance. I don't care for them, but their glaciers just come in the way of everything.
  14. >good reason to kill now If the hat isn't amazing I doubt it.
  15. You're giving blood to a wooden gate. I think Wilson's portal has went down a level.
  16. Its a lot more common and easy to get now so it's finally viable. However, I wouldn't say its better than a log suit unless you're not capable of/not trying to, kite. Especially if you're just walking with it on you.
  17. @DextersComicLaboratory I'm gonna be blaming you for the amounts I played this over and over.



    1. Arlesienne


      The album's title sure sounds amusing.

  18. Ayyy grats on the Webbody and the kitty. Now time to adopt Fenrir and watch the little pupper make you wish all hounds were like him.
  19. You don't have to kill dfly for scales though, only hit it enough and deal enough damage(still not too simple of a task but it's less bad). However, the egg does require a kill. So you do have a point.
  20. At least these made out of actual food items that are meant to be food(So Funcaps, Fashion Melon, Floral Shirt)
  21. i actually agree about the adding of the green background being unecessary and confusing.
  22. One of my personal favorites, and now I'm dissapointed I didn't recognize it until seeing your comment.