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  1. *runs away and hides*

  2. I'm a bit nervous, seeing as this is my first time making a thread on this section. Been wanting to do this for quite a while but only now gotten around to it. I've been playing Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together for quite a while now, and became quite invested in the world and the lore. All the new quotes and lore from A New Reign in DST got me motivated to imagine Charlie's new additions from the eyes of the survivors, and this is the result. Every chapter will focus on something else added in the dlc and maybe even eventually leak into more things. These will connect/be referenced/mentioned with each other, however, so they will all have some relation to each other. Hoping this goes well, here I go! Suspicious Marbles/Marble Sculptures(Note: These actually have quite some more content around them, which I will complete in future chapters for sure)
  3. Oh no likelihood involved. Bosses drop ornaments and adornments(those who have them ofc), normal creatures drop winter food, Klaus drops the glowing ones.
  4. Nah it's cool. You sang very good actually, and a sung version of this was a pleasent surprise either way.
  5. Ayyyy you got a title! joew pls, bestow upon me thy magnificiant titles
  6. Kreygasm I love these adornments. I only wish Klaus had one, since he does drop a special type, might as well reskin it to look like its based on him.
  7. I like these changes actually. Don't feel too different and make sense. Will boats still absorb damage taken while on sea? It could be done as if it was an armor(technically), even, since it's equipable. How will sails and other boat attachments be attached, though, if they're an equippable item?
  8. Not quite. I like the idea of Poison Birchtrees also getting pacified like a Treeguard and just going to sleep rather than becoming normal. Hell, to balance it a bit, could make it so actually chopping the tree spawns birchnutters(so chop, kill nutters, chop, kill nutters) until it's fully chopped.
  9. That's the fight's concept basically. You have a boss which isn't that bad at all, but his followers cannot be killed or you put yourself through hell, and they're the real threat. I think maybe Klaus' loot should just have lesser chances to be blueprints/Lavae eggs, rather than fully remove them from the pool. I like the extra chance at getting their drops, but Michi has a point. Fully removing it might not be the best way to go though.
  10. At least he's not Queen Bee. And it's reduced, not removed, so it's not all bad. I wonder how much they're reduced though.
  11. I feel like Dfly is much easier. Dfly is press F, keep whacking until Lavae spawning, switch to scalemail, kill em, sleep her/freeze her, repeat. Klaus is attack but dodge the deers as you do while also remembering to not kill a deer.
  12. I feel like it's more of an extra shot at getting their loot. And if it drops in bulk that already makes getting that from Klaus a trash drop basically(1 Down Feather. oh yeaahhhhhhhh).
  13. I said it myself not too long before you guys asked. All he and the deers get in christmas is a new look, other than that they exist the exact same way normally(save for christmas drops ofc but thats obvious). In addition to what @Zeklo said, it's not just rng and only happens on the second year onwards and when the sack respawns. I love this, it's another chance at cool rewards(chance for trash ones though, alongside decent and FRIGGIN KRAMPUS SACKS THAT'S ALREADY WINNING ME OVER BECAUSE WE NEEDED A GOOD WAY TO GET THEM IN DST) when the respective bosses need to respawn. Or if you want Bee Queen's Hat/1 royal jelly because Klaus is actually worth that compared to her multiple jellies and honeycombs since she's too much effort.
  14. Fixed animation glitch when Wendy tries to eat Eternal Fruitcake. NOOOOOOOO rip Wendclops @Hobgoblino
  15. the "christmas" update is actually new content independant of christmas too. This guy is one of them.
  16. Outside of christmas the gifts are bundled supplies(or rather, look like them at least), the deers are their normal colors and their chains as well as klaus' are grey/black instead of gold.
  17. They just get a different look in christmas, by the way. They are fully unrelated to Christmas(which is wonderful).