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  1. 1 minute ago, The Curator said:

    Are you attempting to peddle the idea that it is unruly to want the company to be even remotely transparent about their intentions, in a game that massively thrives off receiving new content. In a stage where there is no current knowledge about what is going to happen next at all when the community should have received a statement at this point as to the what the future plan is for this game.

    Perhaps some body should have arrived sooner and said "cue 1 line rant contorting a justified trend and right of the consumer base into an outrageous act of self entitlement in order to contrive something to be negative and condemning about" so that they could have received a cluster of likes for predicting the future you made a reality.

    No I'll fully admit seeing this update after the while we've waited was a dissapointment. But ANR was recently finished, and there's, legally, no real rule that means they have to tell us what they're working on now. Besides, other Klei games, etc. etc. 

    The commuity isn't at a situation it needs to know the future, it's just that it would be nicer to know it, but the community's doing pretty well even without anything like that.

  2. 4 hours ago, The Curator said:

    Well, we could make it so players can randomly acquire Ruin Relic blueprints by smashing Ruin Relics, offering a neat cosmetic reward for interacting with a curio players normally do not bother with.


    We could make it so the Metheus puzzle agony never truly ends.


    Fantastic game design guys, as if adding a boss with 99999 health was not alienating enough for players who actually want to have fun when they play games instead of experiencing a chore-simulator.

    Oh noooooo the agony of putting things into a chest(Yes they're not mentioned anywhere in game, but this thread exists and the way I know the DS community, everyone and their mom dug into the files and put it on the wiki or smth) returns!

    As for Edgy Toad, just look at my point to Sinister_Fang.


    3 hours ago, Sinister_Fang said:

    Right. Because everyone is going to want napsacks bad enough that it's gonna start alienating people...

    It's just a completely, 100% optional hardmode version of the fight with a pathetic reward no one is really going to use. So it's hardly alienating anyone. Right now it only really exists for bragging rights.

    It's not pathetic as much as it's just not worth it if you've finished the Toad grind. It cuts the grind by a lot, and from what I've heard it's not actually as bad as it looks at first. Napsack still needs a buff though.


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  3. 13 hours ago, EuedeAdodooedoe said:

    Welp boys, it's time to farm Shroom skins from Toadstool as well now... or not; by the balance of it, that seems to be another item introduced that is simply useless. Come on, Klei, you should know by now that STS and Ice Staves are simply much more useful for getting mobs stuck like this. Heck, even the Pan Flutes are more reliable than this! Unless there's something obvious I'm missing that enables us to get shroom skins much easier somehow, then I take my words back.

    Would have been nicer if they took the phlegm and made us some snot bombs for keeping disease away.

    I'm not opposed to more variety or more shroomskin uses(God knows we needed more), and Shroom Skin farming will probably be a thing someone finds out at some point(Still would require actually fighting Toad though). The napsacks do need to be buffed though to be more viable. That, and the Deerclops statue costing a Deerclops Eyeball are the only issues in the update, and honestly pretty important for these 2 items.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Sketched_Philo said:

    I would've never thought of it, so now that I know of it I'll reveal @Hobgoblino's findings.

    (Spoilers again)

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    So, there is a new Toadstool fight with better drops. To activate this fight, have a sick canary explode over Toadstool's mushroom right before you chop it. I haven't seen it myself, but it has about 5-6 digit health, and is guaranteed to drop 2 blueprints, a glowcap, and the blueprint for the napsack.

    He has dubbed it "Edgy Toadstool". Not to be confused with the significantly less appealing, "Edgy R-


    Actually I found it as we discussed it together. I love how obvious it is once you learn what his real name is

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  5. Just now, Palecwsmalec1 said:

    Seeing it in action will be even beter though. Off i gooo


    It's a secret thing but not too weird that you'll never thik of it.


    1 minute ago, t1morino88eex said:

    Wow I just saw the recipes on the other page. What the actual heck. Screw those statues I guess.

    Most of the drops arent really all too useful anyway to just make a few off, or can be farmed enough to make up for that, but Clops' is too useful and can't be farmed. 

  6. 17 minutes ago, EuedeAdodooedoe said:

    Tedious to pull off? Not really, you can use Freeze Farm (not really Fire Farm) in order to make frog rains trivial by spawning a star in a flingo radius and dropping some twigs around it. Fire farm is more tedious. Moon Stone Pig Skin farm is the most tedious, because of all the preparation you need prior and after the farm (i.e. repairing walls, because end tables alone aren't really enough since pigs can push each other through them, mostly when you're off-screen).

    On a side note, for Shipwrecked, will firefarm work for Prime Ape Huts? If so, then you can use Fire Farm to spawn them indefinitely, Freeze Farm to kill them easily in order to pretty much guarantee you a Krampus sack essentially.

    And yeah, it's a bit sad that the game isn't difficult. Some RNG for enemy attack patterns and attack periods could make it more exciting and difficult for sure.

    the game is terrible at supporting newbies (directing them and giving some form of initial boost at the beginning, in case they start in harsh seasons. Check out this suggestion for one such solution for this).

    Fire Farming monkey huts works less well iirc.

    Also i don't think it's sad the game isn't difficult. It relies on practice and knowledge, that's how it does its difficulty. You learn the rules it sets and if you ever disobey them you're likely gonna die. A good game isn't good because its hard. It's good because you'd play through it even if it's "too" hard. And that's essentially what we all did when we started out.

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  7. Just now, EuedeAdodooedoe said:

    It kind of is... Getting star caller staves late game is not difficult at all. They don't require thulecite, the gems can be obtained from Dragonfly well enough that killing weaver for them gives you more, but isn't really that necessary either.

    Either way, I think it would be good if the freeze farm was gotten rid of by having snowballs of flingos not freeze mobs. It's just bizzarrely OP in some other scenarios as well. Perhaps it makes more sense and isn't so OP for things like lavae, but other than that... Idk, I might be a bit biased on this particular subject.

    Most of the game isn't difficult. It's noob traps, practice, and things that are tedious to pull off. "Fire Farms" in DST fall into the third category, just like they did in DS. 

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  8. 34 minutes ago, Donke60 said:

    I would say that about fire farms if Kiel told us "its not a bug anymore think of it as a feature" but they haven't. Every says that the exmaples you just said and they are good examples but DS and something of TF2 which has a more competitve skill heavy atmosphere. Also is an entire different genre of game. I'm not saying all the "strats" the the pro players in the DS commuity should go and get patched out to make me a happy bugger. I'm fine and I like looking at solo boss contraptions. What I'm not fine with are things that really are bugs perma freeze, guardian getting stuck on objects to easily, infinte laterns, If a bug is really hard to pull off and excute  I don't mind those bugs because if they are that hard to do then you should be rewarded for your skills. But most bugs in DS aren't like that they can completely triviaize parts of the game and all you have to have is 1 to 2 things and your golden. Thats my problem with the bugs of DS

    They weren't patched out though. Fire spreading changed, and the respawn timer is no longer bypassed by the fire as that part was a bug. a fire farm with a dwarf star for the freezing effect is still possible, and i doubt its because they glossed over that what with the million and 1 videos featuring it. They found potential in that bit of a fire farm, and its annoying enough to set up that its not op.

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  9. 3 hours ago, FreyaMaluk said:

    Ty :) 

    I was a bit confused since the patch notes do not mention the inclusion at all!

    and the post by @AnonymousKoala is not getting updated... That's why I'm asking!

    I'm actually interested in the franchise again and will have a good amount of free time soon(In two days or so), so expect an update soon. potentially adding the art I planned to add a while ago, alongside additions from the last 2 updates(The log is updated up until before them, right?).

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