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  1. I recently noticed that when throwing or pulling things out of containers (for example chests, cork barrels) with the LShift key pressed, sometimes some of them disappear. I lost in this way valuable items such as: 6 golden nuggets, 15 oincs and 6 manures. This is really frustrating and I don't know what to do. I have several mods installed (among others Quick Drop) and they always works fine (I never had a problem with them). I think this bug appears when the game is playing in the background for too long. + I also have other bug with strange icons on the map (for example mushtree on the surface in hamlet) - someone already reported this bug many months ago.
  2. In all my saves there are many issues with playing different types of music and sound effects. For example, when normally I walk around map, often the sound of flip stones, picking up objects, flying mobs, rain in humid season etc. jams or doesn't trigger. With music there is problem when I enter a new area, for example rainforest, and in the same time I do "working" things such as chopping down trees. Music then keep mixing one with another and after that it just stops and "working" theme music never triggers again. The same issue I observed in tamples and caves when I smash vases or break up the stalagmites etc. I already reported this in the game menu, but I had difficulty with write everything there. I hope my English isn't that hard to understand.