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  1. It still happens to me. Now I'm sure it's cave's fault. It is very annoying. Dear Klei please notice this thread and do your best to fix that. Thank You
  2. I noticed same bug and I discovered it is caused by Shipwrecked. When I installed DS with RoG everything was fine but then I added SW and things went wrong. When I go to default settings ( Default Don't Starve experience ) Spring and Summer is set to None and starting season is Autumn. However if I create game without checking world settings I can start in Spring so I assume Summer works too. I think it is just a minor not gamebreaking bug but still annoying.
  3. I'm not sure if it is caves fault. My game was fine after like 2-3 hound waves but at day 90+ only one hound attacks me and it happened like 3 times in a row. Maybe something broke up after I entered caves.
  4. Bump I can't find any flotsam besides those initial that spawn near Wolly's boat. Relog and reinstall doesn't help.
  5. I have same bug but I didn't know it is caused by caves. Only one hound attacks me in hound waves and sometimes those attacks occur every 2-3 days
  6. Same here. I had base near Pig king and one day I noticed so many catcoons near one stump