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  1. Make sure it says "Remote" left from your console input field. If it doesn't, try pressing Ctrl once.
  2. Don't Starve CD keys

    You're not supposed to enter the base game's key in there. Just the RoG and Shipwrecked ones will give you items.
  3. Nope, only Wendy looks like a cyclops for whatever reason.
  4. So, I decided to see each character's quotes when trying to eat that abomination delicious christmas goodness. whyklei
  5. It's a "reward" quality item. Reward items are granted to people when they get certain item sets.
  6. draw dress me like one of your french girls
  7. Ohh boy.
  8. well, now it's the white collared shirt's time to be expensive for whatever reason
  9. [H] Yellow Trench Coat [W] Brown Trench Coat Also trading my common dupes for stuff I don't have yet.
  10. Trading a red Rucksack for a green one.