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  1. they typed it wrong they meant mid March 2020
  2. Winona more like LOSEona...
  3. Wortox ideas

    cool comments guys but it’s not feedback
  4. Wortox ideas

    oh :/
  5. New character this month

    Wortox isn’t actually the new character, that was a red herring. The new character is actually the real most anticipated leaked character, Pyro from tf2
  6. Wortox ideas

  7. I had an idea for wortox i will say them in a numbered format 1. He should be out thanks for reading give me feedback please if you have any
  8. New character this month

    this is no laughing matter. the police have raided his house for reasons on why this hate crime could've happened it was horrible mothers and children were crying inside their home how coudl this happen he was in beta files for so long... he was so young
  9. New character this month

    he's not at all at piece. he has been "RIP"ped to shreds though. it was horrible. the krampii kept stabbing him. oh god
  10. As a main Wendy, I enjoyed this.

    Wendy main as I, enjoyed a this. .
  11. New character this month

    Wrap it up everybody. Wortox canonically died. He's never coming out.
  12. New character this month

    Wortox is probably thursday. Today seems like an odd time.
  13. Invisible Werebeaver

    With Woodie's Gladiator skin, his werebeaver is almost completely invisible I I added an image to show you. It seems to just be teeth... or something? I can't really understand what it is Nevermind, it is his torso. Still, it would be nice to be able to see yourself fully.