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  1. Thanks @PeterA. It is indeed the reason. (When I checked the box, I thought the functionality was to stop users from seeing my inventory)
  2. @PeterA I deleted inventory_cache_prod, no spotting of inventory_cache . It made no change....
  3. Hi Peter, I have sent you the log file through private message.
  4. All my don't starve together skins disappeared from my steam inventory. (Just to check whether my account got hacked, I checked that they were not traded or sold.) The skins seem to be visible in in-game wardrobe and trade-inn.
  5. Then we need to have police and law system. Maybe in addition to characters, we can also choose roles like farmer, IT nerd, judge, doctor, policeman.
  6. So the pet can at least be a replacement to take hit? Can they fight? Do they eat and grow?
  7. By spreading eggs in different baskets, at least situations like a server needs to restart because a single troll would be less. Plus, I often run into a problem that players tend to think you are obliged to offer whatever they want. So, taking whatever you have in the chest is not stealing since you are playing on a public server.
  8. Just wonder, now we have doors, can we have keys? I used to play on a heavily modded server, where every player is assigned a home with walls and only he can enter his little 'country'. Thought it's a cool idea and probably can solve some of the troll problems.
  9. I found out that Celophone anticipated almost the exact same thing a while back at this post: Coincidence?