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  1. Update: I have tried running Steam as admin and the game as well as admin nothing works even with fixing antivirus
  2. Howdy this started since a night ago, mod hub decided break and ( I have checked with the mods, deleted conflicting and super outdated ) folks suggested to delete the mod folder but I have no access of deleting despite it saying I'm admin and have full control, I have verified game files even reinstalled the game 2x ( Log files attached for further info )
  3. Bumping this old thread since this bug is kinda popping up
  4. Reinstalled game, De-fragment drivers, and I deleted off old mod configs and I'm still crashing
  5. Too scared to boot up my main game and beta for DST since I have a game crashing pc crashing bug I've been trying to fix I already made a topic on it on the bug tracker and I still can't find the issue

  6. Issues continued game affected my keyboard overall
  7. The beta would rubber band me at times then freeze my keyboard and suddenly crash my whole laptop Specs are fine I already checked for leaks and bugs I couldn't find any I have a very powerful laptop Kinda too scared to go back into the New Reign beta after all that DXDiag attached Update: Not just beta the main game too client_log.txt DxDiag 2.txt