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  1. Carnassial Teeth

    hey thanks for the mod! what monster do exactly drop teeth now?
  2. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Thanks for answering again sadly to read that yeah I imagine how takes making mods and then supporting then well thanks a lot again for this great mod ^^
  3. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    thanks for the answer kiopho and I really enjoy your mod excellent work, would you consider on doing an autocatch boomerang of your own? it seems klei broke each one that it is in the forum, if you dont mind of course.
  4. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    any chances to have it for DST?
  5. rock fastminer

    any chances to have it on DST?
  6. Evergreen chops on 3

    i give my word that is working i'm using it right now and stills works perfect even the fastminer any chances to have both on DST?
  7. Auto Catch

    thanks for the mod i just tryed right now in RoG but it seems not working i aim the boomerang to a bird and when it came back its just pass me away and going idk where XD mind to check it out?
  8. rock fastminer

    woops nvm i though was the mod but it seems they took out the sound of mining ice i tryed mining some with the mode deactivated and is the same no sound with the ice anyway thanks a lot again for the mod
  9. rock fastminer

    the no sound just happens with the ice i tryed a common rock and it does the sound just letting you know.
  10. rock fastminer

    helping with the feed back the sound of mining doenst happen when i was trying to mine in winter an ice i disalbed the mod and the sound came back, mind to check it out?
  11. rock fastminer

    YES THANKS A LOT! working perfect on RoG really ty very much for the mod
  12. Diggable Reeds [Live & Future] (w/ French Translation)

    nvm found it on the mod thanks again
  13. Diggable Reeds [Live & Future] (w/ French Translation)

    Thanks a lot for the mod really, is so nice to have the chance to relocate the reeds in a clear spot of the swamp and making a question, whats the name of the item when you have dug reed i mean in console does exists?. And again thanks a lot
  14. Evergreen chops on 3

    would you consider doing something similar about mining? maybe like 3 or 4 on every rock