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  1. Goddammit, now it all makes sense! The last piece of puzzle got finally revealed! Tesla and all his revolutionary ideas and projects... Some people consider him the greatest scientist of all time. Now we know the truth, the source of his knowledge and power... The forbidden knowledge. The real question is how did he escape the shadow realm of Don't Starve world? Maybe there are still some hidden documents, somewhere? We may never learn the truth...
  2. Astrology is for dinks. The "What part of Ya ya ye Coco Jumbo song are you?" Internet tests are the real crap.
  3. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Think twice. Or even thrice. Faires can be extremly annoying. HEY, LISTEN!
  4. A world where deadly darkness is deadly: += Dead! ++= Not dead?! There is completely dark in tent, just like outside! Yet character not only doesn't get hurt, but also recovers health and sanity! There are more things like this. Players know this and told you a couple of times. Yet you've sticked with your meatballs and it seems like you'll never stop. They suck anyway.
  5. Mixing ketchup with mayo makes me feel like some advanced chef. Just saying. Mustard isn't tasty at all :I
  6. How to herd volt goats

    By WX charging do you mean simply attacking charged goat wihtout any insulation clothing? If yes, then it sadly does nothing, just like hammering Goose's egg or attacking jellyfish (DS:SW).
  7. I know, right? Phracking spiders! I also really dislike rabbits.
  8. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    There shouldn't be too much reactions. But I'm all up for loads of emotes. I think that if some artist or group of artists make some klei-style like emotes and show them to admins they will gladly implement them.
  9. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    And you can't ignore/block badges! D: EDIT: Oh look, I'm one of these O2 guys aswell D: I don't even own the game. It's probably because I made a joke or two in that forum section, not necessarily contributing to discussion ;_; Also, about forums not being able to detect our Steam games. Simple and probably the only one solution that everyone can think of is adding "sign in trough Steam" and account syncing option. That's how some titles/ranks are given on Terraria forums, automatically. No idea if they are IP.Board like our forums (I think?). Dunno if this can be implemented here aswell. Either way, just throwing my idea.
  10. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    By themes you mean forum sections dedicated to separate games? If yes then it's cool idea. If not, then it's still cool, probably.
  11. A simple solution would be to make skins obtained this way non-tradable and non-marketable. Then it can be 4 drops. It's just an idea, personally I don't like it that much. It could be hard to implement, too.
  12. Badges

    Most badges show up what they mean if you hover your cursor over them. Badges with game titles mean that person played this game back in beta/early access days. I think so.
  13. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Is it possible to customize these reactions? If yes then it would be cool to replace them with kleish ones. But not sure what they could be
  14. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I'm sorry if it got explained before, but I have a question. What's up with these "Don't Starve" (and others that will come soon) badges? It doesn't show any tip while hovering cursor over it... 1000 posts, huh? I can feel all the grind already. Oh, and we need to invent new color for these sneaky lines.