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  1. Version 0.73


    A kind and trusting monster-kid with a troubled past. Update 11/28: Now with custom sound! STATS: Health = 150 Hunger = 150 Sanity = 90 SKILLS: Is a weak hitter Coming soon(eating monster meat, able to hit harder when insane, much much harder) TO BE DONE SOON: Flowey/Ghost animation and sprites 100% custom speech instead of 50% yawn sound Insanity "glitching" Okay, here he finally is! After 4 very stressful days of trying to get this together and working, I can say it’s done. This here is a character mod for the Steam game, Don’t Starve Together. You can play as the lovable goatson as you do your best to not die of the cold! Over the course of the next week, I will be adding custom sound(which tbf is already done, just gotta figure out how to add it without crashing), a custom animation for death(i have him turning into Flowey instead of a ghost), and more! I worked really hard on this, and I know there are problems, so let me know what you think okay friends?