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  1. Part of the character's arm disappears and reappears when throwing/catching a boomerang. Note: I set the .AnimState:SetDeltaTimeMultiplier to 0 before throwing/catching the boomerang. Since, it appears for only a split second.
  2. [Game Update] - 368379

    Wow, lot of people here on the forums STILL don't get it... What I mean is, Woodie has no downside (like Wilson) and his curses are now completely optional. This is basically a bit outdated now.
  3. [Game Update] - 368379

    Congratulations! You just completed making Wilson 2.0!
  4. I love how the animations start out looking like a SFM (Talking about the boat hooking).
  5. The Sprouting Stone Fruit Placer is using it's snow variety in autumn
  6. wheel chair (no context)
  7. Wortox freezing quote

    It sounds like a familiar quote about examining a Frozen Pond. ANNOUNCE_COLD = "It's finally frozen over!" save.rar
  8. Some of the quotes in Wortox's speech file have apostrophes at the end. speech_wortox.lua
  9. Might be intentional or not.
  10. Good thing I didn't say "May". Also, I just realized that it's not even in the files (from where I've searched).
  11. Can I see it?
  12. Is there any not revealed, unused skins in the game?