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  1. 17 hours ago, Man in the Mist said:

    Dare I hope that one of the hatch variants will eat metal ore and poop refined metal?

    Exactly! Thats what the Smooth Hatch does, it wastes a little metal in the process though (15% I think) so the Metal Refinery is still the best but is still better than the Rock Granulator.

    6 hours ago, Flydo said:

    I see it too, it's quite annoying for me since i made automatic coal gen like a energy source when other shut down

    I think thats marked as a bug, will be fixed within soon. It said that things got more Automation Inputs, not less


    The idea that these variants are going are really cool, can't wait to learn more about them

    Some clueless ideas about it though, I noticed that Pecus have a higher chance to give eggs for better variants depending on temperature and conditions, that system should be expanded upon so there are more things to plan for to get better eggs. Maybe they even want bacteria-dosage in their air/water? 

    Shinebugs come in many variants now, but I hope that the effects are soon-to-be-added, Vital shinebugs regenerate HP and Immune system? Placid ones maybe cool the air, I have no clue, because right now so were their uses pretty all over the place when there are no information to read about them in the Codex, which obviously, comes later.

    That Negu-shinebug gives a whopping 70 decor in a large area, which nullifies the need for any other decor at all. Could even pacify Industrial areas with Heavi watt wire if I try hard enough, but there should be more reasons to have this extremely high Decor with maybe super-highend jobs that expect 200 decor or something. Because right now there is little use ever to have over 50 decor.


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