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  1. I meant that it is possible to live without consuming any water.. mostly. Yes. The previous idea is better, as giving a 'forced' water need isn't neccessary when it already is in place but better, but if you got the luxury to do so, then you can place a Water cooler which uses water. What would be better in my opinion would be to add 'Drinks', and make the Water cooler simply be the new spot for Hanging out, because if there is none, they will just go to the Printing Pod. The proccess of making drinks could be that you make a 'dissolving pill' out of Bristle berry or some new tasty plant bulb in the musher, and then place it in water to convert a bit of it into Juice. Which can be pumped up, into some Bottler machine which needs Plastic and glass, and viola, a new recreation item.
  2. I am against water needs as the balance for water consumption is based around food and oxygen. If you try hard enough, it is possible to love without water, but of course that means lousy food quality and large amounts of algae production. Adding a water need basically gives a need for water consumption for no appearant reason, which in the end, doesn’t even add that much.
  3. Exactly, using waste water for a bit of power? Ranch shinebugs for power as well? *Trying* to use a metal volcano to heat up steam? Things like that. Edit: Indirect solutions are more fun than the more straightforward ones. Such as heating up oil for natural gas or using waste for gas. To clarify.
  4. Nerfing it is fair, as I said. The new specialized recipe for fertilizer is deeper. If you were to get massive amounts of PH2O you could use it for either power or clean water again as I’ve again, already said Just that it is always a power negative streamlines its possible uses. Now it could give the same amount of natural gas as it used to maybe, now when it has more parts to create fertilizer/natural gas such as phosphorite and dirt. So it isn’t as easy to cheese an insane amount of power with very low Polluted water input which was why it was so desireable.
  5. While I am agreeing on nerfing the Fertilizer Synthesizer meta to encourage other power methods, it makes no sense for it to be Power-negative and the only benefit being fertilizer. You got the option to do 2 things with your pee water: Refine it to vital water again, or make it into potential powersource while getting fertilizer as well. Now it is more streamlined. You don't even need that much fertilizer to begin with to get sufficient for your entire colony. I guess the Farm stations could consume much more Fertilizer, which gives a better need for large amounts of Fertilizer makers. With the Solar Panels having even more potential wattage, and Shinebugs no longer glowing when overcrowded(which is fair), it basically kicked the Shinebug-power gimmick people were experimenting with some more. Shinebugs should emit more Lux depending on the rarity/happiness, so you can actually invest a little energy out of them if you'd like. The key here is that, both of these changes kill potential variety, even when gimmicky, it just encourages a more linear progression route with less little fun things you can do to minmax.
  6. Aww, no animation-short this update? No matter, this update is already amazing as it is, as I've seen during the preview-stage.
  7. Plastic Drecko >>>>>>>>>> weird goat Drecko
  8. Exactly! Thats what the Smooth Hatch does, it wastes a little metal in the process though (15% I think) so the Metal Refinery is still the best but is still better than the Rock Granulator. I think thats marked as a bug, will be fixed within soon. It said that things got more Automation Inputs, not less
  9. The idea that these variants are going are really cool, can't wait to learn more about them Some clueless ideas about it though, I noticed that Pecus have a higher chance to give eggs for better variants depending on temperature and conditions, that system should be expanded upon so there are more things to plan for to get better eggs. Maybe they even want bacteria-dosage in their air/water? Shinebugs come in many variants now, but I hope that the effects are soon-to-be-added, Vital shinebugs regenerate HP and Immune system? Placid ones maybe cool the air, I have no clue, because right now so were their uses pretty all over the place when there are no information to read about them in the Codex, which obviously, comes later. That Negu-shinebug gives a whopping 70 decor in a large area, which nullifies the need for any other decor at all. Could even pacify Industrial areas with Heavi watt wire if I try hard enough, but there should be more reasons to have this extremely high Decor with maybe super-highend jobs that expect 200 decor or something. Because right now there is little use ever to have over 50 decor.