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  1. 17 minutes ago, Gurgel said:

    Hmm. You know, you are making cooling really difficult there with first the WW and Icemaker nerv and now this. I don't think that is a good idea, especially for new players. Basically what is left until mid-game is the ice-maker and is not really easy to use and not very effective in addition. I think you are seriously overdoing this cooling nerv.

    I am sure I can cope (especially as I am doing a frozen-core Rime at the moment ;-), but I have been at this for a while now.


    Perhaps there could be a way to upgrade the AETN's around the map?

  2. 1 minute ago, Shingara said:


    There not forgotten, but lets be serious, how many of those specific pufts do you need to feed a farm of lettuce if your lets say feeding your dupes on mushroom wraps, And either way critters of this type should be an alternative to not a main way to get bleach stone once you have drained the map of bleach stone. Giving us a machine or giving the oxolite machine the ability to create bleachstone is a way to generate bleachstone on an inustrial scale when you want have many dupes to feed.

    They're already very niche, and Lettuce is an optional ingredient. Though adding more methods would be nice, it's just that Squeaky pufts should be really efficient while the machine churns it out while maybe letting out a byproduct, like hydrogen from processing something else. 

    Just when Squeaky pufts thought they would get used again, people complain about it.

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  3. 2 hours ago, KittenIsAGeek said:

    Noo.. slimelung gets destroyed by your dupe's digestive system. It only thrives when it gets into their lungs, by breathing it.  And vice-versa for food poisoning.

    Again, putting "realism" over something that could make diseases far more interesting and difficult is missing an oppurtunity

  4. 9 minutes ago, M.C. said:

    Aside from real-world diseases not working that way, what gameplay-related purpose would that achieve?

    Look at ONI and look at the real world, there's only so many things that can be called "realistic" in this game. Don't let that restrict the games balance.

    It would make diseases a bit more difficult to handle, so if you manage to make Food poisoning airborne it would still be dangerous, and not literally just be good because it cancels other bacterias in the same tile. 

    There could of course be a modifier that food poisoning is 50% less likely to infect when inhaled, and slimelung 50% less likely to infect when eaten. To keep the respective roles of said diseases .

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  5. If Floral Scents are supposed to be "Pollen", I hope all decorative plants(Maybe there's one exception), plus Bristle Blossom cause it. To create some equality between the different plants. Perhaps the zombie bacteria could also spawn during blooming of Dusk Caps to balance it out a bit too? Dusk Caps are pretty cheap for what they are

    One thing I've been wanting is that you can get sick from any shape the bacteria is ingested. Such as Slimelung being eaten still causes slimelung, or Food poisoning being inhaled can cause Food poisoning. 

  6. I'm surprised the QoL updates doesn't do more balance changes, that'd be the least they could do because, while quality of life and bug fixing is nice in the long run, there should be more balance changes, so some things changes up at least without needing to add more content, I'm looking at you, Hydrofan.

    The To-Do list is also really nice, lets you spot more "Colony flaws" in things like, too many Chores assigned.

  7. 4 hours ago, _Q_ said:

    Need force filed projectors that would just burn down any incoming meteors to dust, or any other device in similar fashion, that would actually make space biome usable without the constant need to clean solar panels rockets stations and so on.

    Otherwise its just still the same old good sand sweeping simulator.


    Also needs some gameplay, as currently there is nothing to do once you get to exosuits and wait for steel production to catch up.

    Mid game is non existing and end game is not in there as well.

    Uh, hello? Rockets? Super materials?

  8. Neat update, I guess its now we're entering the final stages of the game.. which I find kind of sad.


    Both glad and upset that they nerfed burning Petroleum this hard. In my opinion, Petroleum should be like boiling Polluted Water, a part of it turns into Steam, and the other into Polluted dirt. If boiled Petroleum turns part into usable Natural gas, and the rest into a 'smog' gas which has pretty poor thermal capacities and cannot be used for anything at all, except for being solidified or liquified I guess. Boiling Crude Oil should still be more efficient than using Petroleum Generators because of the extra effort you do.

    This makes it so that you end up with an annoying side-product you have to deal with, worse than carbon dioxide and polluted water, so you have to throw it into space. 

    We've been nerfed in terms of power in many ways now, no Fertilizer makers, no boiling oil, Nat-gas makers nerfed as a whole (But we have this Space Cow I guess), the Steam Turbine should be revamped so you dont have to use annoying amounts of cheese to make it work halfly. Because trust me, that is what people do. Or give us a High-temperature Pump or some sort of way to move Hot gas/liquid without using Airlocks to move the scalding gas around for reheating.


  9. 4 hours ago, Grimgaw said:

    Well we had set up-and-forget system for stress, this update adds nothing to it - it's still set up-and-forget. It's boring and adds nothing to gameplay.

    After (still) unfinished ranching updates we got not-really-thought out (material overload anyone?) and boring cosmic update and now we descended to new low with EU. It's bland it adds nothing to gameplay. We hadn't have new production chain in months now.

    I don't mind cute interactions, but they are just fluff. PLEASE throw us some meat. I want to build and manage new things. If you've run out of ideas - at least finish the things which are in game for months now (e.g. Steam Turbine).

    I am fairly sure that Cosmic Update added some nifty stuff like Glass forges, Steel an Solar Panels and a space to remove stuff forever. Ranching adds many different ways to recycle things and a sort of 'Build up your' special variants. 

    But I do agree, a purely Industrial update is something we've been needing for a while.

  10. 2 hours ago, Lilalaunekuh said:

    The only possible source of oxygen without a need for water would be polluted oxygen.

    (If you want to use algae you will need to process some slime => You create more water)


    Water consumption should be based around food and oxygen, but why should dupes produce water ?

    (Right now we have to build something to process the additional water and we have a water cooler, which uses a specific amount of water to improve the quality of life.


    So my idea was that you have 2 options:

    A) You build no water cooler, reduce the quality of life and each (normal) duplicant produces some extra water each cycle.

    B) You build a water cooler, improve the quality of life and each (normal) duplicant is a bit happier/ more productive)

    I meant that it is possible to live without consuming any water.. mostly. 

    Yes. The previous idea is better, as giving a 'forced' water need isn't neccessary when it already is in place but better, but if you got the luxury to do so, then you can place a Water cooler which uses water.

    What would be better in my opinion would be to add 'Drinks', and make the Water cooler simply be the new spot for Hanging out, because if there is none, they will just go to the Printing Pod. The proccess of making drinks could be that you make a 'dissolving pill' out of Bristle berry or some new tasty plant bulb in the musher, and then place it in water to convert a bit of it into Juice. Which can be pumped up, into some Bottler machine which needs Plastic and glass, and viola, a new recreation item.

  11. 16 hours ago, Lilalaunekuh said:

    Would love to see the water cooler implemented as some kind of rehydration building

    => Giving the dupes a daily need for fresh water  (Maybe even make dupes water neutral = Let them consume ~6,7l each cycle)

    I am against water needs as the balance for water consumption is based around food and oxygen. If you try hard enough, it is possible to love without water, but of course that means lousy food quality and large amounts of algae production. Adding a water need basically gives a need for water consumption for no appearant reason, which in the end, doesn’t even add that much.

  12. 10 hours ago, 0xFADE said:

    Gimmicks are what makes games fun.

    Exactly, using waste water for a bit of power? Ranch shinebugs for power as well? *Trying* to use a metal volcano to heat up steam? Things like that.


    Edit: Indirect solutions are more fun than the more straightforward ones. Such as heating up oil for natural gas or using waste for gas. To clarify.

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  13. 10 hours ago, BlueLance said:

    An aquatuner is 1200W and that is a power negative. Sure the cooling is better than fertilizer. but still Power Negative.


    Ehhh, everyone using the synths for gas kills variety. now people have to come up with something to keep up with their power demands. Not saying everyone uses it, but it is a make and forget.

    Nerfing it is fair, as I said. The new specialized recipe for fertilizer is deeper. If you were to get massive amounts of PH2O you could use it for either power or clean water again as I’ve again, already said

    Just that it is always a power negative streamlines its possible uses. Now it could give the same amount of natural gas as it used to maybe, now when it has more parts to create fertilizer/natural gas such as phosphorite and dirt. So it isn’t as easy to cheese an insane amount of power with very low Polluted water input which was why it was so desireable.

  14. While I am agreeing on nerfing the Fertilizer Synthesizer meta to encourage other power methods, it makes no sense for it to be Power-negative and the only benefit being fertilizer. You got the option to do 2 things with your pee water: Refine it to vital water again, or make it into potential powersource while getting fertilizer as well. Now it is more streamlined. You don't even need that much fertilizer to begin with to get sufficient for your entire colony. I guess the Farm stations could consume much more Fertilizer, which gives a better need for large amounts of Fertilizer makers.

    With the Solar Panels having even more potential wattage, and Shinebugs no longer glowing when overcrowded(which is fair), it basically kicked the Shinebug-power gimmick people were experimenting with some more. Shinebugs should emit more Lux depending on the rarity/happiness, so you can actually invest a little energy out of them if you'd like.

    The key here is that, both of these changes kill potential variety, even when gimmicky, it just encourages a more linear progression route with less little fun things you can do to minmax. 

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