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  1. Only two weeks late Forgot I had a forums account lmao
  2. Heh, you were right, you aren't really active! 





    gingerly lurks past

    1. Mobbstar


      I am actively avoiding this place :p

  3. Here here, as summer break comes along, I shall return back to the DST community.

    Time to dust things off, first of all


    1. GiddyGuy


      Noice, welcome back!

  4. MRW I realized I didn't stop making dnak may-mays, but dnak may-mays stopped making me might as well call this Minespatch's thread of memes, eh?
  5. Never thought I needed this in my life... Yeah, never did.
  6. Stalker Series summed up in 5 seconds


  7. "The memes, they're fluctuating! At this point of the tide, I'm afraid these dnak may-mays won't last another recession!"
  8. 2 Seasons of Chestderps:

    • Halloween:                      Forum4.jpg
    • Christmas:                      Forum3b.jpg
    1. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      the perfect spook and christmas presents box

  10. At this point we're carving our tributes on this thread's death-bed.
  11. When you're finally a dying meme and have to create something fast to keep existing:
  12. Pleated shirts for a while have been the scourge of the gifting system, costing merely 2 cents. Lore has it that posting dnak may-mays decreases the drop rate of said curse by... 0.0001%. Better get to posting.
  13. 8 days prior to the Steam Summer Sales: I have finally enlightened myself by the brisk, clean oxygen of the outside world. I have enclosed myself indoors and barricaded the doors with planks, but since then I have gathered of what I could manage is food.

    Times have changed, the town of mine has long since moved to a state of total anarchy, the sky rains fire and brimstone, and children run with flailing spines of their deceased foes. The beaches stain red with bloo--

    oh wait. I'm in Florida.