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  1. I'm playing the world I started actually a year ago. Playing it from time to time, haven't running Oxygen for a month and now I've loaded my save and can't enter the menu in it. Really don't want to start a new world, I love my colony. Could you fix this crash please? br_1288.sav
  2. Hi Brook, Thank you very much for the response! Feel stupid not tried that myself. Though it is not a bug, and the logic is understandable, it is still confusing. With 1-3 available eggs you're not allowed to place incubation order if you have forever order in egg cracker, no matter what priorities are, or if egg cracker full of eggs or not, or if it enabled or not, etc. But 4 available eggs actually allows you to place one incubation order. Also, while you can't place new incubate order because of egg cracker, continuous incubation orders done previously still working fine and receiving available eggs according to priorities. But if you cancel continuous order, you can't put it back instantly, even if you do so while the game is paused.
  3. I have two sage hatchling eggs available in storage bin: and can't put them into incubators, it shows zero hatchling eggs available and "incubate" button is grayed out: There are no other incubators waiting for eggs, or any other tasks pending for eggs. Save-load doesn't help. But if I get one more sage hatchling egg it finally becomes available in incubator which shows 1 sage hatchling egg. All eggs delivered to conveyor receptacle near storage bin, the receptacle is allowed for manual use. I noticed this bug happens when you place an order for egg incubation, and before the egg is delivered by a duplicant to incubator, the auto-sweeper above egg crackers puts this egg into cracker. Like there is some counter for available eggs and this counter decreases two times for one egg: first time is when I press "incubate" button, and second time when the auto-sweeper puts this egg into egg cracker. The counter becomes negative and now you need extra eggs before you allowed to incubate them. This state persist in save file, which is attached. Looks like the counter is -3 already in this save. br_490.sav