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  1. Hello. Yesterday, I intended to load my modded savegame when I noticed that the mods did not load correctly. There was a window with a list of mods that were apparently not loaded upon loading the actual savegame. Since I figured this was not correctly, I simply hit QUIT TO DESKTOP and loaded again. Unfortunately, I had the same result. Instead of solving that right there, I just made a sandbox game to fool around with a few designs. Note that several cycles had been played while in sandbox mode. Now, while rather unrelated... I figured I was going to have to roll back a few cycles on my previous colony anyways, since I did some serious mistakes. But that was when I stumbled upon the actual issue of this thread: Later - When I tried loading the savegame again, I noticed that practically all auto-saved games had suddenly vanished. Only two of the colony's savegame remain, a ~180th cyle and a 190th cycle; both of which seems to have been manual saves. All other saved colonies even from Early Access times have mysteriously vanished. Only that sandbox colony has the usual ten autosaves. Any other colony is void of autosaves. I suppose the sandbox game ate the other autosaves? I found this an unusual behavior, as I had frequently bounced between sandbox and live survival (modded) saves before throughout the last year or two. More than often. I don't recall ONI deleting saves, but I am not that into the tech. And I am aware that mods can cause problems. So I'm somewhere to be blamed. That and having not done a separate backup either. I assume (or hope) I may have done something wrong or missed out on something. ~ Something came to mind, as I was writing this: I also had the "NAN kcal" bug occur at some point. I had rolled back to an earlier autosave. Played and saved to play later. That was when I first attempt to load the autosaved colony with that "Mods failure" and the resulting disappearance of practically all savegames. Things I had already attempted: - Using Windows search for .savs, no success other than finding the remaining old ones. I assume there is no Steam cloud sync either :< - Checked for the old savefolder of Steam, again, no success. (including googling older bug tracker threads) - Steam re-validation of ONI - Found specific ONI savegame folder, but it only has .JSON and several snapshots of the colony's progress. - No .dmp file available or found either. - Blame Meep and The Temporal Rift So here's me asking for advice. However, I fear I may have lost them entirely. I'd add savegames to try out but...