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  1. opened the game back up and no, it did not fix the issue. Also disabled all mods to see if that was a problem but the phantom clicks happened regardless.
  2. this has been a problem for a while and this post probably won't do anything but here I go. started using an external keyboard to play Don't Starve and now every keypress also registers as a mouse click. tried a USB keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard and both have the same problem. this only happens in Don't Starve so its not a hardware problem on my end. fix plz and ty
  3. That's not a bug as much of a feature. Ever since his inception, eating raw non-monster meat meat would still give a sanity penalty. Make a discussion thread in the main forum if you're really interested in getting that changed, but it most certainly isn't a bug.
  4. thats normal, it's always been like that. You can't cast it on yourself you need to cast it on a nearby creature.
  5. While holding an item in your hands, left mouse click is still attack on spiders while playing as Webber. Furthermore, the attack (F) key will still target nearby spiders that are still neutral to Webber. If this could be fixed/changed so that right mouse click is attack and that attack (F) will not target hit neutral spiders and would instead require Force Attack (Ctrl + F) that would be mega cool
  6. wilson is ok. winona is a dumpster fire. Even wes can craft more than 3 log suits without starving to death.
  7. I installed the update and it suddenly turned my favorite character into hot garbage. Is this a bug or was this supposed to bring something more interesting to the character when all it did was make nobody want to play her because you get punished for preforming basic actions.
  8. It was like that last year and for the Gorge too. I don't think they are going to fix it.
  9. I don't know what happens but I haven't been able to complete a match for the past several hours without crashing once or twice in the match. I don't know whats causing it and its become extremely obnoxious to deal with.
  10. Same, I think that's how it is intended to be, since they are called "Kingfishers".