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  1. I wonder was The Forge successful as developers expected? Did they got some money for those skins? Is it helped to bring new players to game? Was online high enough? 

    If so, maybe paid DLC similar to The Forge? With new mobs, items, arenas? :D We're ready to forget about SW: Together... for a some time at least :D, as The Forge was extremely fun, challenging, balanced and new mode, that no one expected to see.

    Thank you!

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  2. Hi everyone,

    Can anyone tell me exact maximum size allowed for Don't Starve Together mod (I mean workshop, of course)? Yeah, I saw another topic about that on this website, but there's no exact answer and topic was about Don't Starve mods. I can tell that 200MB is too large, but what is the exact limit?

    Thank you for attention!