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  1. Hello! Thanks for the answer! I knew about the Goofers, but currently the rest of the dupes are *way* too slow (unless they come with athletics levels) already. I could get this change to motivate the usage of the tubular system, but not when your constructor spends half a cicle to get to a single tile down the petroleum area to walk back up again :D. Now, I don't know if leveling Goofer would make them retain those Athletics after swapping back again to a constructor. If so, that would be "fine".
  2. Hello! Bough the game really early on Early Access and I must say I don't regret a single hour I have on it :). That aside, I've been toying around with the new build for a while, and appart from some bugs (Understandably!), I've found out that my Dupes are Slow as Snails, since they don't gain Athlete anymore by levels. Will this stick to the update?