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  1. Finally starting that there Computer Software Engineering career in January. Really short notice but hey I'll take that over indefinitely not doing what makes me happy.

  2. For $60 you could buy 360 hash browns at Dunkin Donuts

  3. I wanna learn Unity and put it on my resume but I honestly don't see a point anymore since leaving college

    1. minespatch


      What are you planning to do? Didn't you get accepted by that job?

    2. DextersComicLaboratory


      Yeah but I'd rather not be stuck here in this town forever.

  4. Canadian Friend: We have aloe that grows up here! Well... not in Canada. In our house.

    Me: ...Is your house not in Canada?!

    Friend: Technically it's on Canada.

    Me, monotonously: ...I'm shook.

    Friend: Nothing is in Canada-

    Me: Bunkers. Mines. Basements are in Canada.

    Friend: ...I've been bamboozled.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mobbstar


      a can is also in canada  badumts

    3. DragonMage156


      Or like the Freebirdians say, it's Kanada XD

    4. GiddyGuy



      a can is also in canada  badumts

      CAN IT!

  5. I love when employers decide to hire me within 10 minutes of meeting me. Kinda helps the self esteem. :')

    1. minespatch


      How'd the interview go?!:wilson_shocked:

    2. DextersComicLaboratory


      The manager and I got along really well almost immediately, they gave me an iced coffee to sip on during the whole thing and apparently one more person was to be interviewed at the same time as me but they didn't show up, so.

      Apparently, I'll be working full time, and I assume that if that's the case, I get healthcare. Which is a shock sorta. The job I have right now will schedule just right under that threshold so they don't have to give me any benefits. Sadly that also means I work as a manager for minimum wage, so hearing that this job will be offering all this is like... a good kind of shock.

    3. DragonMage156


      That's great! It's nice to see things working out for you ^_^

  6. 8cdda238c2e52a956410a0c595360f8a.png

    Stop taunting me like that! I'm on it! 

    1. minespatch


      "Look at this wingbat that I just found"


      Webber looks confused like my cat. Either of them.

    2. Mobbstar


      They're mocking you

  7. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

  8. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    RP blog stuff. My Wilson is almost always neck deep in trouble.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When ya hardly got food for yaself in a public server and then the newly joined Wolfgang is like "hey guys where's base! :)" I'm late
  10. 57015502-f138-44d7-9787-e3a9eef2aa0d.jpg

    Every day I stray further from God's light

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    2. DragonMage156


      Yeah, it was creepy :? (but still really good ^^; )

    3. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      Maxgang honestly looks like an evil banker or something from a saturday morning cartoon 


    4. minespatch


      Maxwell now played by Daniel day Lewis and Wes as the faceless mask from Pink Floyd's The Wall.

  11. Why'd it take me 21 years to finally try deer meat like I can't believe my parents played me like this for so long

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    2. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      Indeed (don't know why chicken is chicken and duck is duck tho)

    3. GiddyGuy


      Maybe people were too chicken to call it anything else?

    4. minespatch


      Haven't tried Venison but I had tried Alligator meat. Alligator is pretty fatty.

  12. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    Heard an 8-bit remix of “Feel Good Inc” and I thought of Rocky because they like Gorillaz so I drew their Wilson in pixelated style. XXI Wilson happy? Since when? Sounds fake but ok
  13. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    vote now on your phones
  14. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    Like how DST can check if you have certain games or DLCs, it'd be cool for ONI to check if you have some too
  15. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    I'm making a Willoughby skin based on @Quoth143