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  1. 02ecc506621f476bb43316a15ae24d5c.png

    Started working on an "RPG" to do in Discord. Might as well put this language to use?

  2. How did I learn and kinda deeply understand this SQL stuff in 3.5 hours, yet struggled for 6 weeks to understand even a lick of it.

    1. Dannyelling


      Maybe I just had to apply this stuff to a real life thing...? Not just pgadmin4, but like... actually using it in a program.

    2. Mobbstar


      Wait, you're telling me you studied something technical for six weeks and not once tried practical application? Jesus, who gives assignments like that?! Every teacher knows that explanation is followed by demonstration, which is followed by student projects, which is followed by individual explanation

    3. DragonMage156


      It's a learning process.

  3. OK



  4. So I was testing my mod but today the face disappeared while sailing with a sail. I thought face-15.png was the one for sailing? I can't figure out why his face is disappearing.
  5. I might just drop out of college. I can't keep dealing with the fact that literally SQL ruined my career.


    I went from Dean's List to failing. I'm like... kinda choking on my emotions while typing this.

    This stuff has blown a hole in my GPA. It ruined my mental health. Hell, my physical and neurological health was hit during this in which I suffered a grand mal/almost a stroke and had to be in the hospital and then was barred from classes for a week due to my health and the risk of seizing in the classroom. 

    I don't want to continue at this school. I think I just need to take the L. As for my plans after college? I dunno. I got frontend experience now at least.

    1. nome


      Note: nobody at Klei is good at SQL. I have to do SQL as part of my job (all the good analytics stuff uses SQL sadly) and I still suck at it. Don't let one frustrating language ruin everything for you.

    2. Dannyelling


      @nome You're right. I do see my teacher struggle with it too, even. 


      Today's the final for SQL, and I'm praying I can get a good mark.

  6. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    Took forever, but I finally got another mod pushed out. Thank God the lovely lady to commission me was so understanding through this. Won't go into detail about my life, don't worry about it. Things are... turbulent... to say the least, but here's the portrait of Anita, and an in game screenshot! I feel like I made some false advertising, as she does not actually have a gun. She'll get skins in a bit, I just wanted to be sure this at least ran and the client could use it!
  7. It only took me 4325365 years but I finally finished this mod. Thank you @Mobbstar for helping with the final piece that was killing me

    Anita, Private Eye.

  8. The most formidable kind of person to be put on the throne in Don't Starve would be a developer. If the survivors in The Constant happened to make the developer mad enough, all they have to do is typo the word "food" and watch the entire island crumble before their very eyes.


    Even worse is they've probably down that 4536 times and 4532 of them were unintentional. 

    1. Dannyelling


      *they've probably done that

    2. DragonMage156


      What do you mean Klei isn't the ruler of the Constant?

      Also, I think I missed something cos I don't quite get it >v>;;

  9. The more I learn about this the more Don't Starve sort of unravel in front of me

    1. Mobbstar


      Soon you will start to see through anything that might be goin0010111001

  10. OH.


    Only had to learn python to find that out safdgfhg

  11. I am so, so, so very bad at SQL. :wilson_resigned:

    1. nome


      Is it that you're bad at SQL, or that SQL is bad? :) 

    2. Dannyelling
  12. There's an achievement in the indie game "The Long Dark" called "Don't Starve"


    I thought it was interesting.

    1. DragonMage156


      Oh my. Let me guess, you gotta not starve to death? (Idk the game so...)

    2. Dannyelling


      No it's about taking down a deer


      I'm kidding lol

      You have to not starve in the game for 10 days (which imo is really hard)

    3. DragonMage156


      Don't Starve: Hard Core edition.

  13. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    I break into a cold sweat every time I open my topic cuz I fear I sat on it too long So I felt guilty, having a Gorillaz icon on the Klei Forums. So I met in the middle: I might tighten it up though
  14. Did someone seriously hack my paypal to funnel $200 in vBucks for Fortnite?! And paypal just let that happen?? God I hate these big name studios creating a culture where things like this happen.


    Like this reeks "Free vBucks website on the deep web" vibes.

    1. DragonMage156


      D@mn, so sorry to hear >-<

    2. minespatch


      That sounds as bad as Twitch forcing ads on other people's accounts just to shill Ninja when they didn't put ads on their streams.:wilson_cry: