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  1. Thank you Don't they all wear like that XD? (I thought they are all wearing skirts)
  2. Yay My art style is like, all over the place But thank you ^^
  3. Okay, first thing first, I am not used to doing something like this in a forum. So please bear with me and help me if I am doing something wrong okay? Thank you for your patience with me in advance. My drawing is like, big and I'm not sure how to and if I should resize them on forum. Well anyway, I have a three parter here. Willow as the Little Match Girl. Headcanon this is how Willow gained her magical abilities Headcanon Willow was the Little Match Girl No text version of these three picture is in this spoiler box. Do I wanna post links to these on dA in case you guys wanted to fav these there? I guess not... but I do have the same username here and there, you can navigate there yourself if you really wanted to. I might do more like this. I mean I do have some scene in mind that I wanted to draw. Whether it was something that happened in a session with my friends, or just something interesting. Or more weird story mode like this one! XD
  4. Thanks for answering but I'm taking them as example of what if I made two character mods like Crash and Cortex, I didn't mean I'm going to modify other people's mod (Maybe I would but only for my own testing and learning), sorry for not making that clear XD Ah, now I get it. So if mod A is loaded first, other mods that load after it can check and know that mod A do exist. So it IS that that simple, it's just the load sequences I'm missing. Thank you so much for the answer ^^
  5. (Note I'm a programmer but I had never used Lua before. When I'm typing out my questions, it feels like it can be done so easily but I really don't know how to do so in Lua. Sorry in advance if what I asked was kinda stupid. Point me to a topic or a mod that had did this if you know any.) Question 1: Two character mods with special character items. Let's use the Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex mods as examples. In Crash's mod, there's Aku Aku, crates and wumpa fruits, while in Cortex's mod there's Uka Uka, blaster gun and blaster ammo. I'd use Wumpa fruits as example, but I decided to use these two lines instead [codesyntax]STRINGS.CHARACTERS.CORTEX.DESCRIBE.UKAUKA = "The mighty Uka Uka." STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.UKAUKA = "It gives off a evil aura."[/codesyntax] So, here we have Cortex and everyone else's description on Uka Uka. What if I wanted Crash to say something different about Uka Uka? Can I just do this? for example: [codesyntax]STRINGS.CHARACTERS.CRASHBANDI.DESCRIBE.UKAUKA = "It's the opposite of Aku Aku."[/codesyntax] Do I have to write some extra codes to do some checkings? I know putting both characters into one mod file is possible, but what if I don't wanna? Question 2: A character mod and someone else's item mod Let's say I made a character named Chloe. Chloe is a hunter, but I didn't create her bow and arrows, because there is an Archery mod and I wanna utilize that. Is it possible to check if the player had Archery mod enabled? Like, if the archery mod is enabled, Chloe starts with a bow, quiver and some arrows. If the archery mod is not enabled, Chloe starts with a spear and a trap instead. Also similar to question 1, Chloe would say different things when she described the bow. Since the item mod in question belongs to someone else, that means I can only change Chloe's data to achieve this.I know it would be better if I added the bow in the mod as Chloe's special item. But what if I just wanted to utilize someone else's mod? Is it possible and can I do that? tl;dr: Both questions summaries to the same question: If both mods were downloaded, one would interact with/ use something from another, but if only one of them were downloaded, the mod can still go on on their own like the other mod doesn't exist. Is it possible? And how would I use the code to check if the other mod exist? (And my bet is just doing it on one of the mod would be sufficient?)