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  1. Yep, i can build stairs, but only from 1 level to higher places. https://youtu.be/aTFQ4wMGSbc in this film you can see stairs for tower In 0:45 on left down side. Audio is on Polish but there should be english subtitles
  2. It's just a thing in don't starve, they never fall quickly
  3. Messing with the Y-Axis - Don't Starve Together - this is title of video, which started my all fun with 3D
  4. That was a lot of work, but after 7 months I finally did it. Now I am gonna to flex in every place xD Everything was build in survival mode, and I am so proud of it. I have some great ideas for building inside. Walls cost something like 6050 moonrocks, there is ok 2000 statues, 180 spike from antlion. It taked 1100 days And don't know If I can post link to video, but anyway, it's in polish language.
  5. Everytime, when I start game, I have this bug, after changing character/going to cave and back, everything is fine
  6. I am making new trap for hounds, with thulecite guards and wall from fossil pieces. I made also nuclear shelter xD Inside there are small kitchen, science machine, shadow manipulator and 2 chest
  7. Someone know how to make treeguard as Wormwood?